7 Ideas to Customize Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

1. Engraving

Perhaps the first thing you think of when contemplating ways to customize your wedding rings, engravings can range from the traditional to the high tech. Meaningful engravings may include initials, important dates, phrases, and location coordinates. Newer trends include more specific representations of your beloved: sound waves of them saying ‘I love you’ or an outline of their fingerprint.

Get your magnifying glass ready! Did you know that GIA (Gemological Institute of America) offers laser-inscription on your ring’s center stone? Frequently used to identify an individual diamond, you can request a secret, personal message to be inscribed on the diamond – it’s so small it cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Looking for a romantic inscription to add to your wedding band? We have your inspiration here.





2. Hidden gemstones

Birthstones (or favorite gemstones) that represent you, your partner or milestone moments in your relationship can be added as an accent to your ring – engagement ring or wedding band(s). This special touch discreetly embeds the gemstone inside the band of the ring as a reminder that only you can see. Another setting option is to tuck the gemstone(s) right under the center diamond’s platinum basket. This is one of the signature styles of Jean Dousset, (The Signature Stone®), who included the design feature in Amy Adam’s engagement ring.





3. Nostalgic numbers

Is there a certain number that is special to you and your relationship? It may be the day you met or how many years you have been together, but this number can be integrated into your ring as a representation of your relationship. The number of diamonds in a halo, on the shoulders next to your center diamond, or otherwise placed in your ring can be a special detail that makes you smile for years to come.

Platinum Engagement Rings: Tacori Full Bloom | Phyllis Bergman for Mercury Ring Three Stone | Kirk Kara Carmella




4. Family Finds, Family Fortunes

An heirloom in the family can be a great opportunity to mix the old with the new in a very meaningful way. If there is a setting in the family that you love, adding a new center stone can make it yours while still maintaining a nod to the heirloom quality of the ring. On the other side of the spectrum, there may be a special stone in the family that you want to build a new ring around. Designers like Jewels by Grace, SingleStone, Oscar Heyman and more can build a ring with your existing diamond. Whether you keep with the heirloom theme and choose a vintage style or mix in a contemporary feel and choose a more modern setting, your ring will be a beautiful mix of the past and the future.

Jewels by Grace Vintage & Antique Rings



5. Diamond details

Are you of the opinion, the more bling the better? You don’t have to limit those diamonds to the center stone. Work with your jeweler to add additional diamond details that will shine alongside your love from the moment you say, “yes!” Go for 360 degree sparkle by selecting a three-row pave band. Look to the hidden halos or galleries below your center diamond that add a discreet extra glitz to the side view. Consider diamond set prongs for even more brilliance to the top view of your ring.

Make sure you choose platinum to keep all of those extra diamonds as secure as possible!

Platinum Engagement Rings: Uneek Pear Halo | Gumuchian Twinset Three Stone | Sylvie Collection Grace




6. Ms. to Mrs. Monogram

Once you have that personalized engagement and wedding ring in place, a beautiful monogrammed ring box from The Mrs. Box can provide that extra special resting place for your platinum piece. Your ring is a future heirloom, so what better to store it than in an heirloom box!

Ring Box: The Mrs. Box | Platinum Engagement Ring: Phyllis Bergman for Mercury Ring




7. Stacks on stacks

Your collection doesn’t have to end when you slide that wedding band on with your engagement ring! Add to your stack for special occasions like big anniversaries and welcoming children into your family. Additional bands may coordinate with your original wedding jewelry look or mix in new details like birthstones and new design elements that you love.

Platinum Bands: Single Stone | Suna Brothers | Kirk Kara | Memoire

Every piece of wedding jewelry is given with love and the promise for a future together, so your rings are created with personality. Take these symbols of love up an extra notch with any of the aforementioned details. No matter what details become a part of your wedding rings, the rings will be personal and beautiful as they were chosen with your love story in mind!



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