Platinum Spotlight


Forevermark x Micaela Bridal Collection, exclusively in Platinum

Celebrity stylist and platinum jewelry ambassador Micaela Erlanger joins forces with Forevermark to bring today’s couples the Forevermark x Micaela capsule collection

Jeweler Spotlight: Ben Bridge

While a ring’s stone and setting design are easily its most exciting elements, it’s also crucial to think about construction

Harry Winston platinum Legacy Suite workshop

The Legacy Collection by Harry Winston

The vision for the Legacy Collection draws design references from the Winston Archives and the House’s most iconic motifs, while also staying true to the superlative qualities of its namesake diamond.

The New York Collection by Harry Winston

Winston designers examined the endless possibilities of New York City and embarked on a crosstown journey exploring the various neighborhoods, nuances and landmarks that shaped Harry Winston’s life.

A Sweet Engagement by Jeff Bilgore

Thirty years ago, I asked my wife using this simple formula and technique…


Platinum Fun Facts with Jewelry Designers

We’re sure you’ve never heard this fact about platinum before!

Platinum Penny Preville

Passion for Platinum with Jewelry Designer, Penny Preville

Platinum is Penny Preville’s choice when creating pieces of jewelry for important people in her life.

CLIQ Platinum Rings

The Ring that CLIQ-s

Fine jewelry market leader for custom-fit patented ring technology launches brand evolution into a consumer-friendly name inspired by its signature, secure, iconic “click” sound.

John Apel Platinum

Passion for Platinum with Jewelry Designer, John Apel

Jewelry designer, John Apel, loves working with platinum. Find out why!

Passion for Platinum

Passion for Platinum with Jewelry Designer, Alishan

Platinum is jewelry designer, Alishan’s favorite precious metal. Hear why!

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