Platinum Pulse


Erika Winters Platinum

Passion for Platinum with Jewelry Designer, Erika Winters

Erika Winters works with platinum because of its durability. Hear her explain further.

John Apel Platinum

Passion for Platinum with Jewelry Designer, John Apel

Jewelry designer, John Apel, loves working with platinum. Find out why!

Passion for Platinum

Passion for Platinum with Jewelry Designer, Alishan

Platinum is jewelry designer, Alishan’s favorite precious metal. Hear why!

Platinum in a Word

How would you describe platinum in one word? We asked four designers to tell us which word describes platinum to them.

Kirk Kara Precious Platinum

Behind the Scenes with Kirk Kara

With a longstanding family history spanning 127 years, Kirk Kara is the very definition of timeless.

Behind the Scenes with Erika Winters

Erika Winters is relatively new to the fine jewelry world but she paves an extraordinary path with her heirloom-quality, artistic designs.


Behind the Scenes with Phyllis Bergman

Meet Phyllis Bergman, jewelry designer and the amazing woman behind the design of your everlasting symbol of love and commitment – wedding jewelry.


Behind the Scenes with Wendy Brandes

See why Wendy Brandes, jewelry designer and creator of the Punk Platinum collection, loves breaking the rules and working with platinum.


Behind the Scenes with Karen Karch

Karen Karch artfully weaves her external influences and internal passions into her craft by making jewelry that speaks to contradictions.

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