The Ring that CLIQ-s

Fine jewelry market leader for custom-fit patented ring technology launches brand evolution into a consumer-friendly name inspired by its signature, secure, iconic “click” sound.

Philadelphia-based Superfit is changing the brand name of its core product after 25 years of market leadership. As of January 1, 2018, all products manufactured by Superfit will carry the brand name CLIQ.

The inspiration for the brand evolution came after a well-known professional ballplayer with hard-to-fit fingers went into a Brooklyn, NY jewelry store, and asked for “the ring that clicks.”

It turned out that this ballplayer wasn’t the only consumer asking for “the ring that clicks,” says Eric Alulis, second-generation president. “It indicated that our product was memorable—but the Superfit name was not. It sounded like a gym, not a piece of fine jewelry.”

One of the most common issues with ring sizing is that a person’s knuckles often are larger than the base of the finger where the ring sits, which results in a ring that’s too loose once it’s in place. In 1992, Superfit invented and patented a special mechanism to open and close a ring securely, allowing the wearer to accurately size the ring to the finger, not to the knuckle. The signature audible “click” sound lets wearers know their rings are securely closed.

“CLIQ was logical for us to latch onto—pun intended—as the name describes what the product does. This sound, feeling, and experience are unique to CLIQ products and very much part of our brand. Our goal was to create a consumer-appropriate brand name that is memorable and reflective of the precision and quality that our products are known for,” continues Alulis.

Along with the name, CLIQ is expanding its brand into finished jewelry. As the company’s leadership gradually transitions from founders Gena and Paul Alulis to their son, Eric, now president, the time was perfect to also transition from a trade-only brand to a recognized consumer brand. The expanded product line will focus primarily on platinum wedding bands and engagement rings, and will be unveiled early 2018.

“CLIQ jewelry lends itself perfectly to platinum. We recommend platinum for its strength, purity, and luxurious color and shine—not to mention the value of platinum as an investment. With CLIQ technology being the only custom-fit mechanism composed of solid precious metal, the choice of platinum is all the more important, adding another level of strength to the already secure technology.”

More about CLIQ’s Cutting-edge technology. With its roots in engineering, Superfit has used state-of-the-art technology since its founding. It was one of the first jewelry companies to use laser welding, metal molding, and CAD/CAM, well before the rest of the industry adopted either process. Precision technology is in the CLIQ DNA, and its core brand philosophy is that any ring and any style can be adapted to open and close securely without distortion of the design, offering everyone the benefits and comfort of a custom fit.

Because of its unique technology, CLIQ is the only custom sizing solution that can be used on virtually any style of ring for any type of consumer. CLIQ is compatible with eternity bands, Euro shanks, bypass rings, knife edges, tapered settings, hand-engraved details, and many complex designs, unlike competitors’ hinge systems.


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