Four Reasons Why Platinum Is The Best Metal For Your Engagement Ring: According To The Clear Cut

Thinking of getting engaged? Before you dive deep into the ring selection or design process, it’s important to consider the metal that’ll grace you or your beloved’s finger for the rest of your lives. If you’re considering a white metal for an engagement ring, here are 4 reasons why platinum is the best choice:



Will Forever Stay Brilliantly White!
Platinum is known for its naturally white color—a truly white metal, unlike “white gold” which, contrary to its name, isn’t a naturally occurring metal. It’s a blend of yellow gold with other metals, topped with rhodium plating to achieve its white appearance. Over time, this facade fades, revealing its original yellow color. Platinum, on the other hand, will forever maintain its naturally white color. Another added bonus to platinum’s naturally white color is the fire and brilliance it lends to diamonds. In fact, platinum enhances the appearance of all gemstones allowing them to appear even more vibrant.



Will Hold Your Diamond Most Securely
Let’s face it: most of your engagement ring budget will be invested into your center stone. But the perfect gemstone deserves the perfect setting! Research shows that platinum holds stones most securely than other metals. Why? Because platinum has no “metal memory” platinum prongs will stay where you place them making them the most secure setting for precious gemstones. Additionally, most platinum jewelry will contain 90 – 95% pure platinum, which will allow your ring to resist daily wear. So, whether you’re at the gym, traveling, or just going about your day, rest assured your precious diamond(s) will be safe.



Will Be Kind To Your Sensitive Skin
Do you or your beloved have sensitive skin? Are they (or you) prone to skin rashes? This may be due to a base metal allergy. Jewelry made with other precious metals such as gold or silver contain certain amounts of base metals which can trigger an allergic reaction. Platinum does not! Boasting a remarkable purity level—typically between 90-95%—platinum jewelry is inherently free from allergy-inducing base metals, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.



Will Last A Lifetime
Every love story dreams of an everlasting future. The same should apply to your engagement ring. Though all metals are susceptible to scratches, platinum’s resilience sets it apart. When scratched, gold flakes away, thinning over time. But platinum, on the other hand, will merely shift without losing any metal. This makes platinum the perfect metal for heirloom jewelry as well!



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