Platinum vs White Gold: Insights from Pompos Jewelry

In the intricate world of jewelry making, the choice of metal plays a pivotal role in dictating the quality, durability, and allure of each piece. Pompos Jewelry, a manufacturer revered for its meticulous craftsmanship and innovative designs, has consistently chosen platinum as their metal of choice, and in this feature, we delve into the compelling reasons behind this decision.

The Undeniable Superiority of Platinum Over White Gold

For seasoned professionals in the jewelry industry, the distinction between platinum and white gold is clear. While both metals have their own unique appeal and applications, Pompos Jewelry leans towards platinum, valuing its superior quality and durability. But what exactly sets platinum apart from white gold?

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  • Weight and Density: Platinum is denser than gold. A piece crafted in Platinum 900 is
    approximately 35% heavier
    than its 18K White Gold equivalent, lending a luxurious feel to every piece of platinum jewelry.
  • Purity in Composition: While 18K White Gold comprises 75% gold and 25% alloy, platinum can be
    90-95% pure, with only 5-10% alloy. The lower alloy percentage in platinum ensures a higher purity level in the finished product.
  • Color: The alloys used in 18K White Gold, predominantly nickel, are chosen for their ability to
    color the naturally yellow metal white. In contrast, platinum is naturally white.
  • Setting Center Stones with Precision: Platinum, both strong and malleable, is known to hold
    stones most securely. White gold needs extra pressure to set stones (due to its hardness).

Image courtesy of Pompos Jewelry

Why Pompos PREFERS Platinum:

In the words of the artisans at Pompos, “Quality craftsmanship is our top priority and the hallmark of Pompos. Platinum is more durable, does not require Rhodium and it yields a fine finished product.”

Image courtesy of Pompos Jewelry

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