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HowHeAsked: Platinum Proposal Lindsey & Rob

HowHeAsked Platinum Proposal: Lindsey & Robert

Read how Robert surprised his now fiancé Lindsey with a platinum proposal during his personalized performance of Hamilton.

HowHeAsked Platinum Proposal: Bianca & Logan

Read how Logan surprised his now fiancé Bianca with a platinum proposal on a gondola ride through Venice with her family.

HowHeAsked Platinum Proposal: Jeremy & Litsa

How Jeremy used a spontaneous photo shoot on a beach vacation to surprise long time love Litsa with a platinum proposal


Star Style

69th Emmy Awards - Nicole Kidman in Platinum

Platinum Jewelry Sparkles at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards

Platinum Jewelry Sparkles at the 69th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards!

Platinum Emmy's

What Jewels Will the Stars Wear to the 2017 Emmys? The Odds Are on Platinum Styles

What Jewels Will the Stars Wear to the 2017 Emmys? The Odds Are On Platinum Styles.

Taylor Swift Wearing Platinum Jewelry by Designer Neil Lane

Platinum Jewelry Featured in the New Taylor Swift Music Video

Featured in her new music video, Taylor Swift is draped in platinum jewelry.


From The Artists

Kirk Kara Precious Platinum

Behind the Scenes with Kirk Kara

With a longstanding family history spanning 127 years, Kirk Kara is the very definition of timeless.

Behind the Scenes with Erika Winters

Erika Winters is relatively new to the fine jewelry world but she paves an extraordinary path with her heirloom-quality, artistic designs.


Behind the Scenes with Phyllis Bergman

Meet Phyllis Bergman, jewelry designer and the amazing woman behind the design of your everlasting symbol of love and commitment – wedding jewelry.


The How-Tos

AKletjian Platinum Ring

10 Reasons Why Platinum Jewelry Should Be at the Front of the Altheleisure Trend

Comfortable & durable for all of life’s great adventures. Read on to see 10 reasons why platinum & atheleisure are synonymous in the best way possible.

Eiseman Platinum Necklace

Now Trending: 5 Platinum Jewels to Channel your It-Girl Style

Enjoy being ahead of the curve? These 5 platinum jewels prove you can rock fine AND fun, so go on and #beplatinum while you channel your inner It-Girl!

Jacobs Bypass Diamond Platinum Ring

5 Tenacious Platinum Jewels for the Hardworking Virgo in Your Life

The most powerful of the three Earth signs—Virgo is rooted in stability. Platinum’s enduring strength make it a necessity for the goal-oriented Virgo.

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