How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

The retail world is evolving, and more and more items are available to purchase online. This is even true for that special milestone purchase, an engagement ring. Retailers have created online experiences that offer a wider selection of diamonds, gemstones, and settings than you could ever imagine. This allows you to shop for and create a uniquely personal engagement ring for your soon-to-be betrothed right from your device. Purchasing an engagement ring online sounds overwhelming. This guide is here to help you identify trustworthy sellers, gauge ring quality, navigate the array of style offerings, manage a budget and “add to cart” knowing what to expect.
How to choose an
Online Retailer
Believe it or not, you can still have sales support even when you are not in a physical store. Find out which details to keep in mind when selecting your online retailer.
Ensure the retailer provides certifications.
Just like shopping in a store, make sure that the diamond you purchase comes with a grading report from a trusted source. GIA and AGS are trusted, world-renowned institutions that grade your diamond against the 4Cs and provide you with a report unique to your diamond.
Look for risk-free trials.
Among free shipping and hassle-free returns, some online retailers, like James Allen, allow you to experience the ring before clicking ‘buy.’ This feature might even allow you to include multiple rings in your proposal to let her choose her favorite!
What to know when selecting
The One
Once you have decided on a trustworthy retailer like James Allen, consider these details when selecting your engagement ring.

Take your current financial situation into account when determining an appropriate budget. Fortunately, ordering online can save you up to 50% on your diamond’s cost. That savings makes platinum an easy decision as it is the best choice for protecting your ring while upping the elegance quotient! You can also use some of that savings towards your platinum wedding bands.

There are a variety of center stone shapes to choose from, which can help you filter options when shopping online. Does the ring recipient like a classic round, an on-trend pear, or a spectacular step-cut emerald? There are ten main shapes, each with its own unique look.

Click to shop these gorgeous James Allen rings.

Knowing her style will help you narrow down the plethora of options available online. You can get input from her friends and family, take a trip to the jewelry store together before ordering online, or take our quiz to determine her bridal style. There is more to your ring than just how it looks; what it is made of matters equally. Platinum is the perfect metal for the setting as it will preserve the ring’s beauty for eternity and its durability will keep the ring’s diamond or gemstones secure.

What you need to know about
The 5 Cs

Yes, there are 5! These are the 5 most important characteristics to evaluate when purchasing a diamond. The first 4Cs reflect the diamond grading report mentioned previously, and the 5th C refers to the Platinum Crown - a component you should demand your diamond is set with.

The cut determines the intensity of the sparkle of the diamond. Size matters, but it’s the cut that can make even a delicate stone shine brightly!
A diamond is not perfectly clear; it will have some natural color to it. The whiter/clearer the diamond, the higher it will be priced.
A diamond will have inherent imperfections known as inclusions—the higher the grade, the fewer the inclusions. Budget tip: diamonds graded SI2 or better will have no inclusions visible to the naked eye allowing some flexibility in choosing a diamond on budget.
This is the weight of the diamond. Buyer’s hint: look for carat weight just under denominations of a carat or half carat. Many buyers look for a carat to the half size (ex: 1 or 1.5), so purchasing just under (ex: 0.98 or 1.4) can help with your budget.
Platinum Crown
The latest addition to the original 4Cs is the 5th C, also known as the crown. Choosing a platinum crown ensures that the diamond you just selected is timelessly secure. The durability of platinum makes it the best metal to protect and hold your diamond making it truly last forever!
What to expect from
Customer Service

In order to get jewelry insurance on your ring, you will have to provide the insurance company with an appraisal. James Allen and other retailers provide customers with an appraisal and the appropriate certificate.

Contacting Support

Just because you are not standing across a counter from a sales associate when shopping online, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice customer support. Look into the customer service policy before purchasing a ring online as many online retailers pride themselves on the customer experience.


Some online brands offer free cleaning services, bridging the gap between a local jeweler and the online buying experience. James Allen offers a free cleaning every six months making them one of the best online retailers especially in terms of service and care post-purchase.

What to know before you
Once you have picked out your perfect ring, check the fine print to understand what your online retailer covers.

Many online sellers offer flexible return and exchange policies, understanding that some buyers hesitate to purchase a ring they haven’t seen in person. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly on this policy to know exactly what to expect. James Allen offers a hassle-free return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Make sure you read the fine print on the shipping and shipping insurance policies to understand which party is responsible should something happen. James Allen offers free shipping worldwide regardless of order size and fully insures the shipment.

With this guide, you can rest assured when shopping for your engagement ring online. Once you have that perfect ring, it’s time to pop the question: platinum proposal inspiration!, the fastest-growing online retailer of engagement rings and loose diamonds, allows customers to easily personalize and order engagement rings and other fine jewelry entirely online. Through its advanced technology, including an augmented reality Ring Try-On app and proprietary 360° Diamond Display Technology that shows what each actual diamond looks like from every angle in HD, the company has earned industry-leading customer satisfaction scores. The company was founded in 2006 by four industry veterans with decades of combined retail and diamond experience and is our preferred online retailer to shop and save on your platinum engagement ring. The company was founded in 2006 by four industry veterans with decades of combined retail and diamond experience.

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