Most Romantic Places to Get Engaged

For modern-day couples, creating a meaningful experience to mark their engagement may be just as important as the ring itself. Everyone wants to find a way to make their proposal stand out with the perfect, romantic way to ask your best friend to marry you. There is no need to get nervous as you see more and more friends get engaged because we’ve compiled a list of the most romantic proposal inspiration just for you:

At Home

Grandiose proposals in front of big audiences aren’t for everyone. If your significant other’s picture-perfect idea of a date-night is at home watching the latest documentary on Netflix, maybe an at-home proposal is what they have always imagined. The first home you shared together can be an especially touching place to start the next phase of your lives as a couple. By cooking her (or his) favorite meal, watching a favorite movie, decorating your home with her favorite flower petals or even carving the ring box into a copy of her favorite novel can make this night unforgettable!

Family Gathering

Now, this can go two ways; first, you could lead her to believe you are attending a family event. This could either be a summer backyard BBQ, your own birthday weekend dinner, or just a family gathering where your parents requested you to stop by. As you both mingle with family and close friends, you could offer to give a short toast ending with, you guessed it, a proposal! This is sure to shock your significant other and the family! Who doesn’t love surprises? Second, the proposal and family gathering could be a surprise. You can plan to propose privately with just the two of you, and then tell her you made dinner reservations to celebrate. As you enter the restaurant, your families are there waiting to celebrate with you both.

Favorite Restaurant/Bar

If you’re the kind of couple that typically plans its weekend schedule around which restaurants or bars to try, then you might want to consider making a reservation for your proposal!  Consider the place where you had your first date, the hole in the wall you meet up at after a long workday for a nightcap, your go-to neighborhood spot that knows your order, or that place you reserve only for special occasions. Wherever you decide, make sure to call ahead and request a table that you will feel most comfortable dropping to a knee at.

On Vacation

Cliché though it may be, this could be truly extraordinary! If your significant other has been hinting for an escape from the corporate world by forwarding you emails of island vacations and tagging you in travel posts on social media… this is your cue! Plan a vacation together & whether you choose to propose on the beach, on a glacier, at the base of the Eiffel Tower, or as soon as you check into the hotel because you just can’t wait, this vacation will be one for the books!


For the couple that says those who work out together, stay together, these proposal ideas are made for you. (1) Plan a hike along your favorite trail or to the top of your favorite mountain, and map out ahead of time the most scenic area to pop the question. (2) Prepare for a finish line proposal if you’re a couple who signs up for every race in your area. (3) If you’re a little more adventurous, propose mid-mountain while you are skiing to the base, but make sure you secure that ring in a zipper pocket! Fun Fact: Hiking proposals were one of the top 5 trends of this past engagement season!

Scavenger Hunt

This is where you can let your creativity shine. Start by setting up a lunch date for the two of you, and as soon as you sit down, plan to receive an ‘important call’. Now here come your co-conspirators. While you’ve excused yourself for your call, one of your friends can randomly run into your significant other and use that opportunity to give them the first clue. With a friend ready at each location with a new clue, you can swing by important milestone locations in your relationship. The scavenger hunt could end at her favorite restaurant or scenic view where your friends and family secretly await the important question!

A Surprise Element

Do you prefer an intimate moment for the proposal rather than in front of onlookers? Not a problem! You can still have that private moment between the two of you but add a little surprise element at the end which can incorporate friends and family. Pop the question in a quiet setting, and then go to a bar or restaurant to celebrate the special moment, when SURPRISE… your closest friends and family are there waiting to celebrate with you!

Where You First Met

Take a trip back in time and revisit where it all began. Whether it’s the quad of your former college campus, the coffee shop you happened to stop in that day, or the spot of your initial blind date, take that already special place and make it something the two of you will never forget!

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