Platinum Pulse

Beyond Jewelry

Someday, Some Way, Platinum May Be Mined in Space

It may seem like science fiction today, but countries and companies are vying for the opportunity to mine platinum in space.

Platinum Catalytic Converter Prevents Air Pollution

Cleaner Air? Thank Platinum

Did you know that platinum helps combat air pollution? It’s all due to a simple yet complex invention called a catalytic converter.

How Platinum is Perfect for the Healthcare Industry

Platinum’s non-reactive, non-corrosive properties and strength makes it the perfect ingredient in the healthcare industry

Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner & Platinum’s Part in the Industrial Revolution

Jewelers aren’t the only ones who have experimented with platinum through the centuries. Platinum’s unique qualities go far beyond its ability to hold diamonds.

Make Platinum Memories: In Japan, Platinum’s Unique Patina Is Revered As a Roadmap of Life’s Journey

In Japan, the patina on a piece of platinum jewelry is beloved, a sign that the jewelry has traveled with someone on his or her life’s path

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