Platinum Spotlight

Beyond Jewelry

Cool Operator

Platinum is an excellent catalyst – improving chemical reactions and increasing yields.

Boots on the Moon

Platinum’s ability to unlock hydrogen technologies could help achieve sustainable space exploration goals.

Green Hydrogen Catapult

Green hydrogen production is accelerating and with it, platinum-based electrolyzer capacity. 

At the Medical Frontier

Platinum is the ‘go to’ metal for many medical components and devices, including pacemakers and cochlear implants, due to its unique physical and chemical properties. Read here to learn more!

Platinum on the Frontline

Platinum’s role in combating some of the most serious health issues facing the world was well established even before the current global healthcare crisis brought about by the spread of COVID-19.

Fleets Ahead

Platinum in FCEVs is currently a small, but growing, demand sector for platinum. Read this piece to learn more!

Defying Gravity

Many investors recognise the upside potential in longer-term platinum demand growth which could come as the hydrogen economy expands, bringing with it wider adoption of FCEVs. Read along to learn more.

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