2023 Engagement Ring Trends


While every bride-to-be has their own distinct taste, there’s no denying that trends have some influence over their engagement ring style. From vintage rings with a modern twist to unexpected design pairings, the common theme in this year’s round up is personalization. Learn more about some of the most popular platinum engagement ring trends for 2022 to inspire your dream ring.

Identity and personal ancestral history are making their way into the fine jewelry world with engagement rings inspired by the past. Traditional rings that were popular in years gone by or even simply passed down from older generations take on modern appeal with new design elements. A tried-and-true round-cut diamond takes fresh shape from an angular halo of diamonds, or a simple solitaire is given new life by a double-row pavé band. Something old and something new combine in these unexpected cuts and designs while merging the history of two people into their future together.

Classic and elegant, the three stone or ‘Trinity Ring’ has remained one of the world’s most desired engagement ring styles. The most traditional design consists of three-round cut diamonds creating linear symmetry. Recently, however, the most common style features different stone shapes with the middle being larger than those on the sides. This shift allows for more personality to come through in the design. Whichever design route you choose, it is said that the three stones represent friendship, love, and fidelity. Plus, when set in platinum, it ensures the strong metal is securely holding your stones, adding another way this gorgeous ring reflects the elements of a happy union!

2023 will see more nontraditional, engagement rings featuring colored gemstones! From using a birthstone or other jewel that holds significant meaning to simply incorporating a favorite gem, colored stones challenge traditional ring styles and highlight individuality. With countless combinations of cuts, designs and colors, it is simple for anyone to create their own personalized ring. To help enhance the vivid pop of color that calls attention to these rings, choose a platinum setting. The metal’s natural white color puts the focus on gemstones’ bright hues.

What could be more romantic than an engagement ring design symbolizing the love between two people? The “Toi et Moi” style is often referred to as a ‘Bypass’ ring and pairs two gems together side by side to create the intimate setting. Recently made popular by celebrities like Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowski, the design most clearly interprets the trend to create a unique, personal piece. The endless possibilities for stone pairings afford the wearer the opportunity to make their ring truly their own. With its intricate details and multiple stones, platinum is the best choice for bypass rings due its durability and secure hold of gemstones.


There you have it! These gorgeous platinum engagement ring styles are rising to the top for 2022. Get ready to see these trending designs in dozens of engagement announcements this year–maybe even yours!



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