The New York Collection by Harry Winston

There’s nothing like the energy of New York City – the iconic landmarks, the perpetual motion, the inimitable spirit and unsurpassable style. This remarkable city, the epicenter of excitement and glamour, has been a source of inspiration for Winston designers since the House first opened its doors in 1932, and today continues to inform its next generation of legendary jewels.

In continuing in this tradition, for its latest collection, Winston designers examined the endless possibilities of the city and embarked on a crosstown journey exploring the various neighborhoods, nuances and landmarks that shaped Mr. Winston’s life. Introducing the New York Collection by Harry Winston.


Crafted in platinum and set with the world’s finest diamonds and gemstones, The New York Collection features 32 unique designs and will be sold exclusively at Harry Winston salons worldwide.


A bejeweled love letter to the city that never sleeps, the collection is comprised of eight sub-collections, with each celebrating a modern interpretation of the enduring legacy and symbiotic connection to the House’s roots. From the Brownstones of his birthplace on the Upper West Side, to the organic color palette and geometry of Central Park, to the City Lights of the Manhattan skyline, to the striking architecture of its famous Cathedrals, to bustling throughways, and his iconic Fifth Avenue Flagship Salon…this is Harry’s New York.

Demonstrating the unequivocal  breadth  and creativity of Winston design, each sub-collection presents   a distinctively different aesthetic and explores the pioneering craftsmanship and setting techniques the House is best known for.

In Brownstone, a tribute to the beautiful brownstones of the Upper West Side where Harry was born, baguette-cut, round brilliant and marquise shaped diamonds, accented by colorful square-cut gemstones, are artfully arranged in a geometric motif that recalls the stately architecture of Manhattan. Available in two color ways – sugar loaf turquoise with blue sapphires, and a combination of blue and yellow sapphires–the collection is comprised of a long pendant necklace and complementing earrings.

Harry Winston platinum New York collection Brownstone


Harry’s first location, as Harry Winston, Inc., was at 7 East 51st Street, directly across from New York’s famed St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Every day, as Harry basked in the rays of his extraordinary jewels, he was graced with an unobstructed view of the impressive neo-gothic structure. Mirroring the perfect proportions, extraordinary workmanship and architectural excellence of St. Patrick’s, the Cathedral Necklace and Earrings highlight the unequivocal beauty of pear-shaped emeralds and celebrate Winston design in its purest form.

Harry Winston platinum New York collection Cathedral


Married in 1933, Harry Winston and his beloved wife enjoyed their early life together as a young couple in New York City, often attending society events and Broadway shows. The Winston’s loved Broadway so much that when Harry was promoting his traveling exhibition, The Court of Jewels, he asked leading Broadway stars of the time to pose in his jewels for the official program. The City Lights pieces reimagine the lively lights of Broadway through colorful diamonds and vivid precious gemstones.

Harry Winston platinum New York collection City Lights


In March 1960, Harry Winston famously moved his company to 718 Fifth Avenue, at a time when New York City architecture was characterized by minimalist aesthetics. However, Harry – a true visionary – envisioned an eighteenth-century French-styled building as the perfect setting to display his collections and welcome clientele from around the world. When conceptualizing his salon, Harry made sure no detail was overlooked. From the floor to the ceiling, every element was as perfect and pristine as the jewels it would house. The 718 sub-series celebrates the historic charm and elegant details of the House’s iconic New York City Flagship Salon. The 718 Marble Marquetry – a diamond and sapphire series of necklaces, earrings and rings – draws inspiration from the black and white marble detailing of Harry Winston’s famed atelier, while the diamond-led 718 Chandelier high jewelry suite captures the glittering brilliance of the gilded bronze chandelier that hangs high above and illuminates the salon. Recalling Harry’s favorite diamond- cut, as well as the seven gold-plated vitrines that lined the walls of the salon, the 718 Emerald Vitrine pieces pair Colombian emeralds with a bouquet of baguette, marquise and round brilliant diamonds.

Harry Winston platinum New York collection 718 Marble Marquetry, 718 Chandelier, 718 Emerald Vitrine


Harry devoted his life to rare jewels and to growing his namesake business, often spending hours upon hours working with his lead designers to create extraordinary one-of-a-kind jewels. Located just blocks away from his office, New York City’s prominent park, Central Park, often provided a fresh perspective to Mr. Winston and his designers, who were always looking to the beauty of nature for inspiration. Central Park Mosaic’s earring, bracelets and ring all feature emeralds, sapphires, diamonds and aquamarines set to mimic the extraordinary landscape of the city’s iconic backyard.

Harry Winston platinum New York collection Central Park Mosaic


Railroads always played an important role in Harry’s life – after all, it is where he met his wife, Edna – and would often rely on this mode of transportation in his quest for rare stones. Throughout the early 1900s, cast-iron eagles adorned many New York City buildings, including the original Grand Central Depot – the city’s famed transportation hub – as a symbol of growth, flight and movement. The Eagle sub-series recalls the majesty of its namesake, with an extraordinary pairing of colorless and fancy yellow diamonds that are masterfully set to mimic a bird in flight, and underscores the House’s promise to its New York ancestry.

Harry Winston platinum New York collection Eagle



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