Jeweler Spotlight: Ben Bridge

Reputable Jeweler Ben Bridge Shares the Key Ingredient to Helping Customers Find the Perfect Platinum Engagement Ring


Ben Bridge has been helping customers navigate engagement ring purchases since 1912. In those 100-plus years, the Seattle-born family-run business has learned the importance of starting conversations with customers that aid them in understanding all of the possibilities that lie ahead in a ring purchase.


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These targeted conversations help to alleviate the number-one issue that Ben Bridge customers confront as they embark on a ring-purchasing journey—overstimulation. “The advent of social media has helped our customers walk into our stores with a game plan, or several game plans,” says Angela Hope, Bridal Buyer at Ben Bridge. “We take this opportunity to hone in on what elements are the most important.”

Ben Bridge recently walked us through three key elements that are often overlooked, and shared why platinum is essential to creating a customized look that’s both timeless and trendy.


1- The metal matters

While a ring’s stone and setting design are easily its most exciting elements, it’s also crucial to think about construction. For example, if the customer’s heart is set on a solitaire, the conversation shifts to what type of metal will beautifully showcase a center stone and hold it securely in place.

Gold and platinum are the two most popular setting choices for diamonds, but the latter has the advantage here: “Platinum is optimal for those times when it is necessary to have strength,” says Hope. “The heavier weight of the metal naturally lends itself to creating a more secure crown for the center stone to sit.”

2- Take a look at your lifestyle

Can’t see yourself taking your ring to a jeweler for a cleaning more than once a year? Ben Bridge recommends platinum to customers who are concerned about upkeep. “Because platinum does not change color with wear, an occasional polish will bring a platinum ring back to like-new color,” says Hope, “whereas white gold is typically rhodium-plated, which requires more upkeep.”

Platinum is also preferable to gold for customers who have allergies or sensitivities to certain metals, as platinum that is 90-95% pure is hypoallergenic.

3- Picture the complete look

Beyond the stone, setting, and metal of choice, the final thing that customers should consider is how an engagement ring pairs with the other jewelry the customer will wear every day.

“For many, the creation of an engagement ring is the foundation for a set or stack of rings,” says Hope, “so we always suggest keeping the long-term vision in mind to ensure the engagement ring is the crowning glory of a cohesive bridal look.”


This is just the beginning…

While an engagement ring can feel like an overwhelming purchase, a trusted jeweler will guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

“With information comes confidence, and the potential for true customization,” says Hope. Ben Bridge prides itself on long-standing relationships with customers and loves to educate and inspire its customers to get engaged with truly personalized jewelry.

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