8 Popular Gemstones and What They Mean

Every piece of jewelry has a story, and every gemstone has a rich history and deeper meaning. With so many colorful gemstones to choose from, there are endless possibilities for adding a pop of color to wedding or fashion jewelry. Platinum’s natural white color allows gemstones to appear even more brilliant because its neutral color does not distract from the gemstones’ vibrant hues. Plus, with a platinum setting you can feel confident that your gemstone is secure. Learn more about different gemstones and their meanings, and how you can effortlessly incorporate colorful gemstones into your jewelry collection. 



Brilliant Earth and Blue Nile

Red is the color most associated with passion and desire. Rubies were considered the most sought-after gemstones by European royalty during medieval times, and are still widely popular today. This July birthstone’s iconic red color makes it an ideal gemstone to reflect love, life, and also success. Although rubies are known for their deep red shade, they are also available in more subtle pink tones. Rubies are the traditional 40th anniversary gift, but are also a perfect way to add timeless glamour to your jewelry collection.



Brilliant Earth

Emerald is May’s birthstone, and symbolizes twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries. This gemstone has been known to symbolize love, rebirth, healing and even fertility. Cleopatra loved emeralds, and used them in much of her royal jewelry. Elizabeth Taylor was gifted an iconic emerald and diamond necklace while shooting Cleopatra. Emeralds are a rare and meaningful gemstone that add lush green to every piece, perfect for nature lovers and fashion lovers alike. This gemstone’s beauty speaks for itself, and pairs well with simple and elegant clothing that gives the emerald a chance to shine. 



Featherstone and Oscar Heyman

While most people associate sapphires with the color blue, the September birthstone is available in nearly every color of the rainbow. Sapphires are a popular choice for wedding jewelry, as they make for a stunning “something blue.” Historically, sapphires are said to represent nobility, truth and faithfulness. Sapphire can be bold and eye-catching as the center stone in a ring with a diamond halo, or subtle and subdued when set in earrings or as accent stones in a three-stone ring. 




Tanzanite is considered a newly discovered gemstone, and is admired for its dazzling violet and blue shades. This alluring gemstone was discovered for the first time in 1967, and can only be found in one place –near Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Shortly after its discovery, Tiffany & Co. executed a campaign about the gemstone, allowing it to gain popularity with jewelers and designers almost overnight. Tanzanite is a December birthstone, and can also be gifted for a 24th wedding anniversary.



Omi Prive

Tourmaline is said to inspire love, joy and emotional healing. This October birthstone’s name translates to “mixed stone,” paying homage to its unique appearance. Tourmaline’s popularity took center stage in the 1980s when discoveries in Brazil brought new and exciting colors to the marketplace. The versatility of Tourmaline makes it easy to purchase in many styles, colors and price points. This also makes tourmaline incredibly easy to wear and style for both formal occasions and everyday life. 



Omi Prive

Much like snowflakes, no two opals are alike. Opal is another October birthstone, and has been known throughout history as the most magical gemstone due to its ability to display all colors. Today, opals are considered a symbol of hope, purity and loyalty. Opal is a great gem to wear in everyday life set in a colorful statement necklace, earrings or other jewelry pieces. 




Spinel, the August birthstone, is often mistaken for ruby. Spinels are actually more rare than rubies, but can be found in large quantities and in different colors like pink, orange, purple, blue and black. Today, spinel is said to soothe sadness, protect its owner from harm, and reconcile differences in the owner’s life. When it comes to styling, spinel adds a minimalistic accent to jewelry for work, play and everything in between. 




Topaz is one of the November birthstones, and is also known for having an extensive range of colors and shades. Topaz represents intelligence, healing, good fortune, love and creativity. This gemstone is available in colors like yellow, brown, blue, pink, red, green and more. Blue topaz is an affordable gemstone because it is readily available. Topaz can be worn alone or with other gemstones, and is the traditional gift for a 23rd wedding anniversary. 


Jewelry helps us commemorate some of the most special occasions in our lives. From graduations to engagements and weddings, promotions to retirements, platinum transforms a piece of jewelry from meaningful to monumental because their recipients will treasure for years to come. The next time you are looking for a gift for special occasions, anniversaries, milestones or even self purchase, consider choosing a gemstone that holds significance in your life. 

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