5 Inspiring New Proposal Trends

Destination proposals

We all know that a lot of engagements happen during the Holiday season. However, this year we saw a rise in destination proposals in the 4 corners of the earth from fancy resorts, to the world’s most romantic cities, to Mother Nature’s most picturesque backdrops.

Destination Proposals

Nick planned a secret vacation for himself and Taylor, and the only information he shared with her was to pack for tropical weather. Surprise, they landed in St. Lucia in a beautiful resort! During their stay, they went to have dinner one night and the whole place was decorated with flowers and candles framing the view of St. Lucia’s Pitons. If the scenery wasn’t enough, Nick had more in store for Taylor. A song Taylor loves, “Sea of love” by Cat Power started playing and Nick got down on one knee and proposed with the sunset as the backdrop. After saying yes, Taylor was surprised by both of their families and best friends yelling “SURPRISE!” Their closest loved ones traveled all the way to St. Lucia to be part of the celebrations.

Taylor’s ring is a gorgeous cushion cut diamond set in a Platinum Crown with the rest of the band in rose gold with pave diamonds. Congratulations, Nick and Taylor!


Photoshoot proposals

Selfies are great, but professional photoshoots have become a hot trend to capture this milestone of getting engaged to your better half. Whatever the excuse might be for getting the love of their lives all glammed up for a photoshoot, the partners planning the proposal have become quite creative in finding unique ways to incorporate professional photographers into their proposals.

Photoshoot Proposals

Amanda and Matt were on a romantic vacation in Positano, Italy. Matt cleverly organized a “vacation photoshoot” for the couple, which sounds almost normal in such a scenic location. Matt proposed in the middle of the shoot and Amanda said, “yes!” They later celebrated with a heart shaped pizza… only fitting while in Italy.

Her ring is a pear-shaped stunner by Lauren B. set in platinum.


With a little help from my friends

Colleagues, friends, and family members have no qualms with telling you a little lie to help your partner plan and successfully pull off a proposal! They might even be more involved behind the scenes than you’d think… be warned!


Cassandra is a cheerleader for the Flyers. As the squad was doing a routine, her teammates crouched down and popped up doing a completely different dance! Cassandra suddenly realized that the music changed to Marry You by Bruno Mars, and then she saw her fiancé Kellen down on his knee and her teammates had posters reading “Will You Marry Me?” Their friends and family also popped up to be there for the proposal.

Cassandra fell in love with a floral-shaped sapphire and diamond ring set in platinum. The ring is over 100 years old and in pristine condition. She loves the thought of someone else having taken such great care of the ring and it adding meaning to it before she wears it throughout her marriage.


Nighttime proposals

The night belongs to lovers! It is a perfect time of day for a proposal that’s looking for a little extra sparkle. Whether one chooses the twinkling city skyline as a backdrop, a rooftop draped with bistro lights, or after sunset on a beach with torches and the moon looking down on you, nighttime has its proposal perks.

Nightime Proposals

Ashley and David made dinner plans with their closest friends, and chose a spot in Hoboken along the water with a view of the New York City skyline. As the couple was waiting for their friends who said they were running late, David snuck up behind Ashley and asked her to turn around. He was down on one knee and asked her to be his forever while the friends that were supposedly running late were there snapping pictures and videos of David’s nighttime proposal.

Ashley’s ring is timelessly gorgeous. It’s a custom ring featuring a round diamond set in platinum, designed by John Vizcaya.


Proposing with fancy balloons

Balloon bouquets featuring letters that spell out ‘Marry Me’ or just a gorgeous arrangement of bright and romantic colors, balloons definitely bumped flowers from the top spot as this year’s favorite proposal prop.

Balloons Proposals

It all went according to the plan. A few days before the proposal, two of James’ co-residents from his emergency medicine program invited Brenda out for a girl’s night at the Korean restaurant across the street from her apartment. They told her to dress up so that they could celebrate having just finished and passed some recent exams. When she walked into the restaurant, Brenda immediately saw James dressed up in front of a romantic set up of balloons, cakes, lights, flowers, a stuffed animal and posters. She said yes!

Her ring is a rose-gold demi-pave band with a solitaire center stone set in a Platinum Crown by Japanese designer Kataoka.



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