5 Tips for Taking the Perfect #RingSelfie

The second most exciting thing about getting engaged: telling the world that you’re engaged. Today, that means sharing a #RingSelfie on Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere else you stay connected. This photo doesn’t just serve as a memento of one of the happiest moments of your life, it’s also how a lot of people will find out about your big news. Bottom line: It’s got to be a great pic, even if the only camera you have on hand is your smartphone. Follow these five tips to capture an engagement ring photo that tastefully shows off your new rock and its setting in a way that will help you—and your followers—remember the moment for years to come.


Tell a story

When your head stops spinning and you start thinking about how to compose your “I’m engaged!” photo, consider how the ring, the pose, and the backdrop will come together to tell a story about your relationship or engagement.

“My best advice is to use a natural pose, with your hand on his shoulder or around his waist,” says Kat McCoy, founder of the digital jewelry concierge service Best Kept. “While you definitely want the ring featured, you also want to make sure it looks like the picture is about your overwhelming love and excitement! You can always include an additional close-up photo of the ring.”

If the location of your proposal holds special meaning—did he pop the question in a beautiful place far away from home or at the spot where you had your first date?—make it the backdrop of your photo.

“Don’t forget the caption,” adds Severine Ferrari, owner and editor-in-chief of Engagement 101. “It’s the best way for you to share your intentions. Use it to tell him, your friends, and your family how meaningful and special the proposal was.”

Get the lighting right

Most importantly, don’t use flash unless it’s absolutely necessary. “Natural light is the best,” says Ferrari. “As long as you are outside on a sunny day, you will be able to take a good shot and use nature or architecture as a backdrop.”

The time of day can also impact how light looks in your photo. While daylight is neutral, light at sunrise or sunset tends to be warmer, and light before sunrise and after sunset is cooler or bluer in tone.

You can use your camera settings to adjust exposure of your photo. When you set the focus by tapping the screen, a slider bar will appear. Simply swipe up or down (on some phones, it’s left to right) to adjust brightness.

It’s important to get the lighting right from the beginning instead of using editing tools to adjust brightness afterward. Each edit you make to a smartphone photo takes away from its overall quality, and tweaking exposure too much can make your photo look inauthentic.



Highlight the details

Your first step in snapping a clear photo that shows off the intricacies of your engagement ring is to clean your camera lens. Use a soft cloth to remove the dust and fingerprints that accumulate when you stash your phone in your pocket or purse.

While it may be tempting to zoom in on your new bling, this will make your photo look grainy, blurry, and pixelated. Instead, get physically closer to you and your ring. “You can also use a macro lens,” says Ferrari, “just make sure you purchase the right one for your phone.”

To capture all the detail in your ring’s setting or stone, experiment with different angles and backdrops. “A lighter background will usually help capture the details of the diamond better than a black background,” says Olivia Landau, CEO and founder of The Clear Cut. “Still, a video is always better than a photo at capturing all the small details.”

If your ring’s stone is set in platinum, the material will enhance the shine of a diamond on its own, as platinum is naturally bright white. Just think—one less camera setting to worry about!


Make sure your hands and nails are photo-ready

A fresh manicure is a must. “Stick to neutral colors or soft pinks as to not distract from the ring,” suggests Landau.

“Hydrate your hands…a lot,” adds Ferrari. “Hand masks are truly magical. Also make sure to use cuticle oil half an hour before the shoot to make sure it has time to dry. If you have a cut or burn, you can blend a bit of foundation or concealer on your hands.”












Carry on the creativity

Work with your wedding photographer to find creative ways to capture your ring set on your big day. “Two-hand shots can be very romantic,” says Ferrari. “Stills of the rings can also be very pretty.”

“It is always great to incorporate other important details of your wedding day to make the shot more personal,” adds Landau. These can include flowers, favors, name cards, invitations, programs, your wedding day accessories, or any other element of your décor or location that will help tie your rings to your wedding story.

When your ring is a reflection of your relationship and what’s ahead—if you’ve picked platinum, that means rare and everlasting love—it’s important to do your new jewelry justice when showing it off on social media. Pay attention to details, get to know your camera settings, and think creatively. You’ll end up with timeless photos that you’ll love returning to year after year.


Kat McCoy is the founder Best Kept, a concierge that makes it easy to buy jewelry as a gift.  Expert stylists curate thoughtful options for you to choose from that they know your special someone will love. All recommendations are personally selected for your budget and your loved one’s taste. She can be found on Instagram @BestKeptJewelry.

Severine Ferrari is the Editor in Chief/Publisher of Engagement 101, the ultimate source for engagement rings, wedding rings, tips on how to propose and more. From proposal ideas to the perfect ring, couples preparing for their wedding engagement need to look no further than Engagement 101. Ferrari is also the founder of the Propose Too™ movement, empowering women to  propose back or first to their boyfriend. She can be found on Instagram @Engagement101.

Olivia Landau is the CEO and founder of The Clear Cut. As a diamond expert , GIA Graduate Gemologist and 4th generation jeweler, Landau leads the Clear Cut team to create perfect hand-crafted diamond engagement ring and jewelry pieces. They empower Clear Cut Couples with “Clear Cut” expert education and personalized curation. She can be found on Instagram @TheClearCut.



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