Platinum Jewelry and its Patina: What is the Allure?

I’ve been drawn to platinum jewelry since the first time I saw its pure white, gunmetal loveliness! I attribute this to my love of history, specifically the love of the history of an artifact.

Platinum Jewelry and its Patina: What is the Allure? Dover Jewelry, Platinum & Emerald Necklace -

The history of a relic is communicated in a very real, tangible way through its patina—the change in surface color of an artifact due to oxidation over time. Antique experts state that a natural patina matters as that specific characteristic represents authenticity and age, which makes a piece valuable and desirable.

The appreciation for antiquing has grown from niche TV shows to widespread adoption of the antique style (authentic and reproduced). So, as more and more people admire the antique and vintage styles, all roads should lead to platinum jewelry. Platinum jewelry is a naturally white metal that develops a rich patina over time, and turns into a beautiful heirloom to pass down to the next generation.

Platinum Jewelry and its Patina: What is the Allure - Wilson Brothers, Platinum

I look at my collection of antique and vintage platinum wedding bands and, even without the engravings, I can see the history that each individual piece embodies. The patina on my jewelry portrays a deeper meaning than just a fashion statement; it represents the stories behind the ones who crafted the piece and then the one(s) who wore or collected it. I see the love and passion of design, craftsmanship and of the two people whom it united in marriage. Antique/vintage platinum jewelry communicates a deep, meaningful story that is attractive to consumers and collectors alike. However, you can also capture your own history with platinum jewelry.

Platinum Jewelry and its Patina: What is the Allure?-Inspired Antiquity Collection of Platinum Wedding

I perceive the platinum jewelry I bought in new condition as blank canvases that will soon develop a stunning patina telling the details of my story. One day, my niece and steps-sons will inherit my platinum jewelry collections, and they will see the engravings and the patina on the pieces that tell the stories of love within our family. And, hopefully, they will pass them on to their spouses and children to continue adding to the history of our family.

As a collector, it is for these very reasons that platinum jewelry has a timeless appeal – it tells the history of the past lives it has touched as well as becoming the basis for stories of future generations. Its appeal is universal and the patina it develops over the course of its history only serves to further demonstrate its longevity.

Platinum Jewelry and its Patina: What is the Allure?-Inspired Antiquity platinum & diamond



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