Men’s Wedding Band Buying Tips

Attention Newly Engaged Men: Life likes to test us from time to time, but there’s nothing like getting through a proposal to see your true mettle (strength of character and positive spirit used during difficult times). You got up the nerve to ask “the” question of questions, and you probably ventured into the unfamiliar world of jewelry to choose the perfect engagement ring for the first time. Now, just when you thought that you can catch your breath, you have to begin wedding planning. Be sure to leave room in the budget for your wedding band, and to choose a band that you’ll love. After all, the engagement ring signifies a promise while the wedding bands signify your lifelong bond to each other!

The good news is, purchasing a men’s wedding band doesn’t have to test your mettle any further. As you would with any purchase, it’s wise to prompt yourself with questions about your expectations, needs and desires for the item to determine the right product. Follow these tips for a seamless men’s wedding band purchase process.

Expectations: It must stand the test of time since you’ll be wearing it every day for life.

Why Platinum? Platinum is one of the most durable metals. All metals scratch and wear with time, but when platinum is scratched, the metal is merely displaced versus lost when gold is scratched.


Needs: You want a wedding band that requires little maintenance, never changes color or rubs color off onto your fingers.

Why Platinum? Because platinum is a hypo-allergenic metal and used at high levels of purity in jewelry (90-95% pure) you’ll never need to worry about it irritating your skin. Platinum is a naturally white metal, so it won’t change color over time.


Desires: There are a variety of styles to choose from, so choose one that best reflects your personal style and comfort.

Why Platinum? So many of today’s top designers create men’s wedding bands in platinum because of its unique characteristics – heavier than gold so it feels significant on your hand, durable with wear, and more. Some men prefer a classic styled band, while others prefer a rugged industrial or modern style, and all preferences are offered in platinum.

Men's Wedding Band Buying
Blue Nile: Low Dome Comfort Fit Wedding Band (in platinum)
Men's Wedding Band Buying
Blue Nile: Milgrain Comfort Fit Wedding Band (in platinum)


Men's Wedding Band Buying Tips-platinum and black
Lashbrook: Platinum and Black Eternity-set Diamond Band
Men's Wedding Band Buying Tips-platinum
Lashbrook: Boxelder Burl Wood inlayed in Platinum band
Men's Wedding Band Buying Tips-platinum and
Lashbrook: Platinum band with Meteorite and Diamond accents


Lastly, let’s debunk two myths!

Myth: Your wedding bands must match

Fact: It’s not necessary to match the style of your fiance’s engagement ring or wedding band. You are two different people who might have different styles on things, but you can show unity across your choices by staying within the same metal.


Myth: The wedding is all about her – engagement ring, dress, and more.

Fact: A wedding is the celebration of two individuals coming together, and it is equally about both those parties. “He” spent a lot of time selecting the perfect ring for her, and he deserves the same attention to the ring he will be wearing. Platinum bands are the perfect outward symbol of your status as a couple and your lifetime bond. As equal partners in a marriage and the men’s wedding band should reflect that partnership.


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