7 Platinum Engagement Rings Inspired by Flowers

Flowers are beautiful but have to suffer the passing of time even faster than we do… There’s a romantic yet ironic old French poem from Ronsard talking about the fleeting beauty of women and comparing it to flowers. You can read it in French and English here. Some good news though, fine jewelry can be everlasting! It will stay beautiful and last through generations and generations if well maintained. Even more so if it is made with platinum and diamonds. Platinum’s strength and durability make it the securest setting for diamonds and precious gemstones. It is is a great choice for engagement rings and wedding bands because it won’t change color or fade. It is why it symbolizes perfectly a relationship that will endure. Jewelry designers are often inspired by flowers when designing engagement rings. Here are 7 Platinum engagement rings inspired by flowers that will stand the test of time.


Jay Gilbert, the designer of Coast Diamond , is often inspired by characteristics of flowers. His floral engagement rings transport you to a beautiful fantastical garden. The platinum ring above was inspired by the delicate graceful contours and soft balance of peonies and roses. I have been a fan of this ring for some time now. I love peonies!


Schaffrath is helmed by a duo of super talented brothers. They always include innovations in their designs AND achieve timeless beauty. Their jewelry is made in Germany with incredible craftsmanship which is why they were able to create this beautiful platinum and diamond ring inspired by the calla lily, such a refined, mysterious and exotic flower. You can try this ring on in the US at the I.Gorman store here.


This engagement ring part of the Megan Thorne classic collection would look great on Princess Buttercup’s finger! It is such a beautiful interpretation of the sunny, shiny and whimsical buttercup flower. The rosecut diamond center is mesmerizing  and the platinum petals and leaves are so pretty. “They’re kissing again. Do we have to read the kissing parts?” Um, Yes!


English ivy blooms in its second year. It is ivy leaves that inspired Parade Design to design the engagement ring above. I love that the band has curves and the very realistic way the leaves cradle the center stone. Ivy has a tendency to run wild, you almost feel like these platinum leaves are alive and about to grow on your finger.


First and foremost this ring in on sale at a great price for a platinum and diamond ring. It is designed by Elisa Solomon, here are the details! It is a one of a kind platinum flower ring and features a beautiful hand carved wildflower. Elisa is very inspired by the 60s and the Hippie movement when designing her jewelry. This flower is set with 6 rosecut white diamond petals and a faceted round white diamond center. You can spot  a mix of round and mini baguette diamonds on the shank.


MaeVona is a jewelry line you can find in American stores yet it is designed by a super talented Scottish woman, Maeve Gillies. This platinum ring is inspired by wild tulips and it is absolutely gorgeous. I love the two pear -shaped side diamonds.


He loves me, he loves me not? This daisy inspired platinum engagement ring is from designer John Apel. It is such a charming and graceful ring. The pear-shaped rosecut diamond petals are just darling. If you get this ring, he or she definitely loves you quite a bit!!!








Severine Ferrari is the founder of Engagement 101, the first multi-media platform dedicated to couples planning their engagement. Though she resides in New York, her native French sense of style and romance still strongly influences her editorial vision and voice.


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