6 Popular Engagement Ring Settings With a Platinum Crown

The Platinum Crown on your engagement ring is the metal setting that surrounds and holds your center diamond. Some engagement rings are made as a single piece and others are assembled together, and the rings I chose to highlight in this article are made by assembling the Platinum Crown onto the base of the ring.

Choosing a design with a Platinum Crown is important to ensure that not only the color of your center stone stays true to its natural hue because platinum is naturally white and doesn’t cast color into the diamond or gemstone it surrounds, but also because the metal’s durability will hold the diamond and gemstone securely.

Below are 6 popular engagement ring settings all with a Platinum Crown.


1. Bezel 


A bezel-set stone is completely surrounded by metal and is, therefore, very secure. It is a great pick for women with active lifestyles who want to keep their engagement rings on during their day today. Platinum engagement ring by Precision set.


2. Double Halo

Two rows of small diamonds surround the center diamond enhancing its beauty and making it appear larger. It is a great choice for a woman who is looking for a bigger look on a budget. Platinum engagement ring by Noam Carver.


3. 6-prong Solitaire
Noam Carver 6 prongs

If you are looking for a timeless style with a twist, then pick a two-tone solitaire with 6 or even 8 prongs. Solitaires will never go out of style yet you can play with the standard design to make it your own. Rose gold engagement ring with a Platinum Crown by Noam Carver.


4. Hidden Halo

LYNDSET SCOGGINS HIDDEN HALOWRing selfies usually only showoff the top of an engagement ring.  In everyday life, you will look at your engagement ring from both the top and sides. If you want a little detail just for you, consider a hidden halo or interesting details on the base of the Platinum Crown that will keep you enchanted and surprised daily. Platinum Engagement Ring rendering by Lindsey Scoggins.


5. Hand Engraved


If you love old architecture and vintage fashion, a hand engraved setting might be the right choice for you. Love rose gold?  Mix a rose gold shank with a Platinum Crown. You will feel pretty in pink while keeping your diamond secure and shining bright! Rose gold engagement ring with a Platinum Crown by Kirk Kara.


6. Knife-Edge


Though the shape of this type of rings is reminiscent of a knife, it is very comfortable and sleek! If you are into slimmer bands but not the dainty look, a knife-edge setting is a great option. Platinum Engagement Ring by Precision Set.


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Severine Ferrari is the founder of Engagement 101, the first multi-media platform dedicated to couples planning their engagement. Though she resides in New York, her native French sense of style and romance still strongly influences her editorial vision and voice.


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