The Pure Beauty of the Platinum Patina

Showing Platinum Patina

Today’s couples have the luxury of social media and digital albums to capture and share their special day with friends and family both near and far. Couples will cherish the photographs of that sentimental day for years to come. Wedding jewelry are an even more intimate expression of these sacred vows as they are the symbols of your vows worn ever day. If you choose platinum for your jewelry, then these symbols will possess a timeless beauty that actually increases in value over time. Platinum ages beautifully and develops a satiny finish on the surface of the jewelry known as a patina. The patina is considered a badge of honor for jewelry designers and collectors alike of the metal’s authenticity and precious nature.

Much like a virtual “cloud” holds all of the data and photos most important to you, the strokes of platinum’s natural patina represents all of the memories and moments shared over many years of marriage — the joyous ones and the ones that made you stronger together.

Platinum’s enduring nature is evident in both its stunning, luminous appearance and in the way it reacts to normal, everyday wear. All precious metals scratch. However, when gold is scratched, tiny microscopic scraps of metal are lost — similar to what happens to a piece of chalk when writing on a chalkboard. Over time, gold is more likely to wear down or wear away, and the prongs keeping the diamond or other gemstone may need to be re-tipped, or in some cases, replaced. Eventually, the rest of the ring will wear down and become thin, and extra maintenance for a gold ring (replating or replacing) can be quite costly.

Unlike gold, when platinum scratches, something very different happens. Similar to running your fingers across a bar of clay, each scrape merely displaces the metal. With each scratch, the atoms on the surface of the ring actually condense, resulting in a phenomenon known as “work hardening.” Each time platinum is scratched, the surface becomes stronger, eventually resulting in each microscopic scratch converging into the satiny sheen that is so well regarded by jewelry lovers around the world.

If you prefer a finish with more luster, the patina can be polished professionally to restore its original shine. Learn more about platinum ring maintenance, cleaning and care here.

A platinum ring that has developed a patina showcases the everlasting appeal of platinum jewelry – and it’s evidence that the surface of the ring is stronger than it was on the day it was purchased or received. Let the platinum patina be part of your beautiful love story. Visit our Metal Matters page to learn more about why platinum is the industry standard for wedding jewelry.



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