Perfect Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Pairings

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You have dreamed of the perfect engagement ring for years. Maybe you even shopped around with your significant other, or dropped a few hints along the way about what your ideal engagement ring looks like. And finally, you are engaged and received that very special ring and shared your excitement with friends and family, so now it’s time to start planning the big day. While your engagement ring symbolizes the promise of a life together, your wedding bands represent two individuals uniting as one. As you begin planning your one-of-a-kind wedding from your stunning wedding dress to the caterer and the florist, you are at risk of your wedding band purchases becoming a bit of an afterthought. We get it, there are a lot of details to finalize and the time flies by! 

Just remember, after the cake has been eaten, the dress has been hung up, and the flowers wilt away, the everlasting pieces you will take with you through your marriage are the wonderful memories, your photographs, and your wedding bands. You will wear your wedding jewelry every day, which makes reserving the time and budget to select the right rings one of the most important tasks on your wedding to-do list. Your bands are an everyday reminder of the commitment you made to stick by each other’s sides for better or for worse. We recommend all soon-to-be married couples strongly consider the quality of the metal in conjunction with their personal style when shopping for wedding bands. Use this perfect pairing guide to make sure you find your perfect wedding band!  

Selecting the Right Metal 

Just like purchasing an engagement ring, buying a wedding band is a long-term investment. You want to ensure you are choosing pieces that will withstand the test of time and symbolize the beginning of a long and happy relationship. Before purchasing the engagement ring, you should shop with the wedding band in mind, considering the full look of both rings stacked together. By doing so, you can determine whether or not you want the wedding band to sit flush with your engagement ring, and which metals for both rings you prefer. Platinum is the industry standard for wedding jewelry, and is the rarest precious metal. Unlike other metals, platinum is durable and naturally white, allowing diamonds and other gemstones to appear even more brilliant which is especially important if you are considering a wedding band with diamonds or gemstones. 

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Don’t Forget the Groom 

Platinum is the most sound investment for all wedding jewelry, for both brides and grooms. Grooms spend a lot of time and effort researching, selecting or even customizing the engagement ring in preparation for the proposal. The groom also deserves to have a timeless, high quality platinum wedding band to wear for years to come. In fact, it may be the only piece of jewelry he wears. Today, there are many options and styles available to fit every groom’s personal style and preference. For a comfortable, easy to wear piece, you may consider a classic comfort fit wedding band that features curved inner edges. Select from a high polish, matte, or textured finish, and don’t be afraid to add gemstones, milgrain or other details.


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Popular Wedding Bands for Her

Many brides may prefer traditional wedding bands that match or complement their engagement rings. Consider some of these popular wedding band styles for a timeless, classic look that will undoubtedly be a perfect pair with any engagement style. 

Pavé Bands 

Pavé style wedding bands are probably the most popular choice for a wedding band because they  are easy to pair with almost any engagement ring style, including solitaire and halo. The word “pavé” comes from the French word for paved, which is why these rings are created to look as though they are lined with diamonds and gemstones. 

ChannelSet Bands 

Channel-set wedding bands generally look great when paired with an engagement ring that also has a channel setting, but also paired with rings featuring a simple band as a way to add a little extra flair for a sophisticated, glamorous look.

Shared Prong or Four Prong Bands 

Prong-set diamond bands can be paired with nearly any silhouette, allowing diamonds to sit closely together while also allowing more light to reflect which makes the diamonds radiate and appear larger.

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Mismatching Wedding Bands 

When it comes to your wedding day, the bride and groom should have full reign over every last detail. The same is true for selecting wedding bands. There are no definitive rules that say your wedding bands need to match your engagement ring –or each other. Let your personal preferences and styles guide your choices, and don’t be afraid to mix it up. Mismatched wedding bands can create a one of a kind look. Consider a curved or notched wedding band to pair effortlessly with an oval-shaped engagement ring. This style accentuates the gemstone, but is also stunning when worn alone as a modern and trendy piece. Or, how about a twisted or rope wedding band that makes “tying the knot” even more elegant? Twisted wedding bands add elegant femininity and personality to a more traditional engagement ring. 

Whether it is a curved band, twisted band, or something else, the most important thing is to choose rings that both the bride and groom will cherish for years to come. 

Wearing on the Opposite Hand

Some brides may even choose to wear a wedding band or a stack of bands on the left hand, and wear the engagement ring on the right hand. Again, how the rings are worn are completely a matter of preference. Choosing to wear the wedding band apart from the engagement ring may allow for even more freedom when selecting the style or number of rings. Brides may select a thicker, more distinct wedding band, or even a stack of multiple bands. 

Incorporating Color 
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Diamonds are not the only way to symbolize your matrimony. A color-loving bride should never be limited to one style of wedding band. Adding a pop of color to your wedding band is the perfect way to express your individuality and personal tastes into wedding jewelry. Choose a colorful precious gem like sapphire, emerald, aquamarine and more for a piece that allows you to feel as vibrant as you are. Gems set in platinum appear even more brilliant because of the metal’s natural white color. Platinum also allows wedding bands and other jewelry to hold gems more securely, and endure years of wear and tear. Pick a colorful wedding band that complements or contrasts your engagement ring for a stunning, non-traditional twist. Use your birthstone, your partner’s birthstone, or even the month you got married as meaningful color inspiration. 

These rings will serve as a constant reminder of your special day, and the beautiful life you’ve built together. Choose your platinum wedding band with care, and make sure to protect your investment with ring insurance so you can enjoy and cherish your special pieces for decades to come. For more information and to browse platinum wedding bands, visit the Platinum Jewelry Gallery.

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