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Amanti Spinning Infinity Ring with Diamonds

Marei New York

The Amanti Spinning Infinity Ring by New York jewelry designer Angie Marei is exquisitely handcrafted with great precision in luxurious platinum precious metal. This elegant design possesses an intricate pattern of brilliant pavé diamond geometric dimensional windows creating a glittering vignette that shines and reflects light from all angles.

Inspired by Tibetan meditation spinning prayer wheels and the designs of ancient Arabesque and Islamic decorative arts, Marei designed this timeless collection with a unique architectural structure that makes an impression of unending repetition that symbolizes infinite life. In Islamic art, the figure of the circle represents unity and the ultimate source of all diversity in creation. This use of sacred geometry is believed to reflect the language of the Universal Higher Power by reminding us to reflect on the greatness of our divine creation.

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