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Platinum Jewelry joins Chris Correia in bringing you this stunning collection of timeless classics — with a unique, modern twist. Chris creates contemporary, yet enduring designs that feature European styling and capture the sophistication and elegance of platinum. Her collection include rings, bands, necklaces and earrings that effortlessly enhance day-to-day style. Platinum is durable, pure, and brilliant, serving as a daily reminder of beauty and strength. These striking platinum styles make for the most memorable holiday gifts — a present the recipient will cherish for years to come. Add flair to your everyday jewelry collection with a Chris Correia platinum piece that can be passed down for generations.



About Chris Correia

Chris Correia has been mastering her craft in fine jewelry design since the age of 16 after inheriting her uncle’s jewelling tools. Her distinctive, signature styles are the result of decades of studies, both domestically and abroad. Her designs reflect international concepts, paired with her expert craftsmanship and love for the art.

“My love for Platinum began over 25 years ago and since then the majority of my jewelry designs have been predominantly made in this rare and precious metal. I continue to recommend platinum as my first metal of choice due to its unique characteristics of durability, stability and purity, which are perfect values to hand down for generations to come.” – Chris Correia

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