Engagements, marriages, births, promotions, and special moments of extraordinary love are all celebrated with platinum.

Platinum Guild International (PGI) develops demand for and builds an enduring commitment to platinum in jewelry.

From the hundreds of proposals that happen every day, to daily browsing through your personal jewelry box, to the red carpet stunners, there’s no question that jewelry is an important part of our culture.

Three Rings

The Platinum Jewelry website was created out of a vision to cover the culture of jewelry, including behind-the-scenes looks at the designers, stylists, trendsetters, and tastemakers who are passionate about platinum jewelry. As the leading resource for platinum information world-wide, the team at Platinum Guild International hand-selected bloggers and style experts who are constantly looking for the world’s best designs and jewelry stories.

With a keen eye for style, we’ll bring you the latest platinum jewelry designs, as well as share insider tips on how to buy platinum jewelry. We’ll share inspiring stories about how couples chose platinum to celebrate life’s most significant moments.

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