Tetrahedron Drop Earrings in Platinum


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When math met magic: combine four triangular edges, four vertex corners, and six straight edges to create a tetrahedron—which is more easily described as a three-dimensional pyramid.

In addition to numbers, tetrahedrons have applications in chemistry, color theory, electronics, geology, aviation, and engineering. They are also the heart of inspiration for these fantastic platinum Merkaba earrings.

“Merkaba” or “Merkabah” refers to a divine tetrahedonal light which is used by the learned as a connect between earthly and heavenly realms. It is the culmination of all things known and unknown, joined and perfectly balanced… thus beautified. This mighty concept is present in multiple branches of theology, philosophy, meditation, and even linguistics! How fitting that such a pure agreement of abstract thought and concrete geometry be immortalized in precious platinum.

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