Rock Crystal and Diamond Platinum Pendant

Carl Fabergé

Easily one of the most extraordinary platinum jewels featured in this segment, this diamond and rock crystal pendant is by none other than Carl Fabergé himself (of Fabergé egg fame). In fact, an egg containing a similarly-designed timepiece was commissioned by the nephew of Alfred Nobel in roughly the same year. Why Fabergé crafted with platinum isn’t surprising in the least—the naturally and eternally crisp, icy hue is the perfect choice for such an objet d’art. Diamonds are secure in their minimal settings which again lends perfectly to the overall frosty motif. Finally, the expansive use of the rarest fine metal is a feat in itself… and can you imagine the heft? This platinum phenomenon exudes significance on every level. Don’t miss your chance to purchase a once-in-a-lifetime creation currently available at Wartski.

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