Cabachon Sapphire and Diamond Earrings in Platinum

Oscar Heyman

Just from the picture alone, it’s obvious why these earrings are being honored as a platinum jewel of the day! Oscar Heyman’s Platinum Cabachon Sapphire and Diamond Scatter Earrings have over 22 carats of gorgeous cabochon sapphires, set at different heights in platinum to enhance their radiance.

Oscar Heyman was started by the Heyman brothers in 1912, and they quickly made their name as one of the premiere workshops for platinum jewelry in the United States at a time when the technology to work in platinum was relatively new. Platinum settings are a perfect complement to Oscar Heyman’s use of colored gemstones. All of the stones are carefully selected by hand, and every piece of jewelry is signed and numbered, assuring the quality and pride of platinum craftsmanship Oscar Heyman has delivered for over 100 years. 

These earrings retail for $32,000; visit Oscar Heyman‘s website to see more Platinum Jewel of the Day worthy designs!

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