What Jewels Will the Stars Wear to the 2017 Emmys? The Odds Are on Platinum Styles

There are so many movie stars on the list of nominees for the 2017 Emmy Awards, the event could almost be mistaken for the Oscars. In fact, there are three Academy Award winners on the slate, namely Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and Viola Davis. What does this mean when it comes to the red carpet? Glamour galore. Specifically, there will be platinum jewelry.

Platinum is always spotted on the big stars at major events because the king of metals, quite simply, is the best way to show off diamonds. This season there are incredible treasures for stars to choose from. Designers have made glorious red carpet ready jewels in the best trends of the season.

Let’s break it down.

The new vintage movement that’s sweeping through the fashion world has rolled through jewelry as well. Nicole Kidman is a big fan of vintage inspired styles. In fact, it’s kind of a signature for her. Some of the most stunning platinum and diamond earrings in the new vintage mode are chandelier earrings and ornate pear-shape pendant drops. There are also amazing platinum and diamond bracelets with art deco geometric details and accents of colorful gems.

Classic Hollywood glamour is guaranteed to be on the Emmys red carpet. It’s the style of Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor in days gone by and Reese Witherspoon among others today. A platinum and diamond glamour staple is the rivière. That’s French for a slender choker of stones. Multi-strand diamond necklaces are also shining among jewelry collections. Platinum and diamond line bracelets, otherwise known as tennis bracelets, and wide bracelets will be on the red carpet. Eternity bands are another forever red-carpet style. Lots of classic Hollywood glamour styles in platinum, simply show off big diamonds.

Style risk takers will be on the Emmys red carpet. Tracee Ellis Ross is one of the stars who sports contemporary looks with an edge and a splash of unexpected details. There is much more for the risk takers to choose from in platinum and diamond jewelry than ever before. Designers are making strong pieces with an architectural minimalist vibe. Sculptural earrings form the main segment of this category but there are also big rings and bold necklaces.

In addition to all these fabulous platinum styles, one thing we are guaranteed to see on the red carpet is platinum and diamond studs.  The earrings always make an appearance. Studs finish off an ornate gown to perfection. They are the perfect piece to pair with a big necklace.

Speaking of big necklaces, we are hoping to see platinum and diamond statement necklaces on the red carpet. They are jewelry crowd pleasers. The chances are truly 50/50. At some awards shows, one necklace after another comes down the red carpet on the stars. For this Emmys with top notch talent bringing the world class style, it might just happen. Major platinum and diamond necklaces come in every mode from vintage and classic to risk taking looks.


Marion Fasel is founder and editorial director of TheAdventurine.com. The online magazine is a reflection of her work over the last 25-years as a jewelry editor, author and expert.


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