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15 Platinum Wedding Band Styles You’ve Never Seen Before

We’re back by platinum demand with a fantastic collection of unique wedding bands! Every love story is one-of-a-kind; let us help you find the perfect wedding band to celebrate your forever.

Platinum Pastels

How to Create a Stunning Spring Wedding with Pastels & Platinum

Easily incorporate spring colors into all aspects of your wedding.

7 Platinum Engagement Rings Inspired by Flowers

Jewelry designers are often inspired by flowers when designing engagement rings, here are seven that will stand the test of time.

13 Swoon-Worthy Platinum Engagement Rings from Blue Nile

With Blue Nile you can shop gorgeous platinum engagement rings online any time. View our gallery of top designs to get started.

Michael O'Connor

Engagement 101 Minute, Hosted by Michael O’Connor: How to Get Her the Platinum Engagement Ring She Wants

Watch this video from celebrity stylist Michael O’Connor and learn how to get her the platinum engagement ring of her dreams!

How to Create the Perfect Winter Wedding Palette: Plum & Platinum

Consider pairing the color of platinum jewelry with rich plum tones for a wedding palette that’s elegant, warm and inviting.

7 Ways to Be the Best Groom Ever

7 Ways to Be the Best Groom Ever

While you may have found the perfect platinum engagement ring and planned the proposal, wedding planning (and finding your platinum wedding band) takes two.

The 7 Most Romantic Inscriptions for your Platinum Wedding Band

Set your ring apart from the rest and create a lasting reminder of that special day: add a romantic inscription to your platinum wedding band.

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