Thank Your Mother on Your Wedding Day with Platinum Jewelry

There is no other bond as pure and eternal as the bond between a mother and child – especially a daughter. Watching a daughter walk down the aisle evokes the same sentiment that mother had when she witnessed her daughter’s first steps. The emotion of experiencing this new chapter in a child’s life has been described as an overwhelming mix of pride, excitement, nerves and joy. A wedding is a pivotal moment in the relationship between a mother (or guardian!) and her daughter; it marks a period in their lives where the daughter formally puts all of life’s lessons her mother taught her to practice as she embarks on a new journey with her partner, but knows a door never closes between her and her mother.

A mother’s involvement during wedding planning varies from family to family, but it is understood that the mother of the bride continues to be by her daughter’s side ready to step in when needed. Her responsibilities include everything from helping the couple chose a venue, to working with the groom’s family on the guest list, to researching family traditions to incorporate into the ceremony, to hosting the wedding reception. The couple to wed are the focal point of the occasion (as they should be!), but the couple would be remiss if they did not take the time to express their gratitude and appreciation to their family members that helped them become who they are today. What better way to celebrate the relationship between a bride and her mother (and groom and his) than with platinum jewelry that will serve as a reminder of the special bond between these two individuals.

While the thought process behind giving a gift to anyone is important, a gift to the mother of the bride is doubly so. The gift not only thanks her for her help, but honors her for the support, love and guidance that she has provided since birth. A gift of this stature needs to be symbolic of the mother-daughter bond.

Couples often give the gift of jewelry on this occasion, but even within the jewelry category there is only one metal significant enough to underscore the importance and symbolism of the mother-daughter bond – platinum jewelry! The reasons become obvious when explained. The enduring nature of platinum jewelry means that the gift you give today will last a lifetime and turn into a family heirloom that can be handed down for many generations – the daily wear telling the stories of the generations before. Further, platinum jewelry, like the bond mothers and daughters share, is the most pure (being used at 90-95% purity). Finally, being a naturally white metal, the true white color will never tarnish, fade or change over time, perfectly symbolizing the relationship between a mother and daughter.

Personalizing a gift of platinum jewelry is easy! You can engrave the piece with a special message or even incorporate gemstones, such as your birthstone or the gemstone resembling the wedding month.

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