A Tagua Nut, Platinum, and a Fine Jewelry Designer

A noble partnership between Vogue Italia and Let Elephants Be Elephants (LEBE) has given fine jewelers the opportunity to use their beautiful creations to educate consumers on the devastating issue of elephant extinction. LEBE’s mission is to reduce the number of people buying ivory in Asia to protect the elephant population in Africa from extinction.

Vogue Italia is respected for introducing its readers to leading trends and bold themes and messages. It invited a unique selection of emerging US contemporary designers to join the cause with LEBE by creating a single piece of fine, contemporary jewelry out of a tagua nut. A tagua nut is nut ivory from a tagua palm that is an inexpensive, high-quality, natural substitute for elephant ivory. The usage of this material educates both designers and consumers on more humane and eco-conscious practices.

Kristin Hanson, a beloved platinum and fine jewelry designer, was invited to participate in this project, and her contribution is amazing!Hanson Platinum Choker

“An ode to Wayne Thiebaud” pays tribute to the godfather of Pop art.

Hanson’s choker is beautifully crafted in the form of a typical American donut strewn with colorful gemstones and studded with diamond icing. Handmade from 100% recycled platinum, lab-grown diamonds, leather, and a tagua nut, this piece exemplifies Kristin’s design philosophy; her creative work for years has involved a sustainable use of natural resources.

The entire collection by the selected designers will be available in Vogue Italia’s September issue.

(A significant percentage of the sales profit will be donated to Let Elephants Be Elephant’s cause)


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