Platinum Jewelry for the Lion of the Zodiac, The Leo

If you have a friend or loved one born between July 23rd and August 22nd, then he or she identifies with the Zodiac sign that is ruled by the Sun – Leo. The symbol of the Leo sign is a lion (Leo (Latin) and Leon (Greek) meaning “lion”), and the king of the jungle is the perfect icon for those born under this sign.

A Leo is a natural born leader who goes after everything she wants, and uses her brain to solve problems that come her way. At times you may feel the Leo prioritizes herself over others, but she is generous and loyal… and attractive! A Leo loves life and always wants to have a good time.

Platinum jewelry should be at the top of your list when it comes to gifting the Leo woman in your life. The way to a Leo woman’s heart is to compliment her often, treat her with luxurious things and make her feel like a queen. Platinum’s unique qualities of strength and durability paired with the onyx’s confidence boosting characteristics and sun colored quartz make a platinum jewelry gift that no Leo will say “no!” to.

Platinum Jewelry for the Lion of the Zodiac, The
This pear cut black onyx, diamond and platinum ring from Gemvara will be a welcomed addition to your Leo’s finger! The strength of platinum represents her strong will and determination and the onyx symbolizes her confidence,


Platinum Jewelry for the Lion of the Zodiac, The
Leo is also fire sign which means those born under this sign like to have a good time! Adorn your Leo’s ears with these platinum, diamond and onyx earrings from Gemvara, and she will surely be a showstopper at any party!
Platinum Jewelry for the Lion of the Zodiac, The
Platinum jewelry withstands the test of time. Gift your Leo Gemvara‘s platinum, diamond and onyx band to serve as a constant reminder of your admiration for her and her hard work.


Platinum Jewelry for the Lion of the Zodiac, The
This lemon quartz platinum ring from Gemvara elicits the golden rays of the sun – the ruler of the Leo.


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