Platinum Jewelry Finds for June Birthdays

June birthdays are celebrated with three remarkable birthstones: pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone. The notably varied options make for gorgeous platinum jewelry!

The Pearl: The most storied ‘stone’ of the bunch doesn’t come from within the Earth at all—it instead originates from living creatures (and has been coveted for centuries).

Platinum Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry - Cartier Ring and Pearl Strand Necklace -
I love the differing sizes and whimsical layout of the pearls on the surface of this platinum Cartier ring; a tiny, fine, and fashionably portable zen garden! • Also from Macklowe Gallery, this luscious strand of South Sea pearls (with a diamond-studded clasp) is a pearl-lover’s dream. Platinum jewelry has never looked more luminous!

The roots of the word itself are far less interesting than what “pearl” has come to mean; like platinum, “pearl” is a metaphor for something that is exceptional, admirable, and treasured. This is distinctly related to how the pearl is created: when an irritant—like a grain of sand, for example—gets lodged inside a mollusk, the mollusk then constructs a pearl sac to isolate the foreign body so its soft inner tissue remains unharmed. Layers of calcium carbonate are deposited upon the pearl sac over time, resulting in a natural pearl.

Platinum Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry - Melo Pearl and Featherstone Earrings -
Considering the rarity of natural pearls, the Melo variety belong to a tiny fraction of that percentage. They form in the shell of the Melo Melo sea snail, and are truly in a class of their own. The absolute best Melo pearls have a flame pattern that rolls across the surface, and this necklace from Hamilton Jewelers is on fire! Add to that rose-cut diamond and conch pearl accents, because you’ve just got to go all the way with precious platinum jewelry. • Loving these transformable/customizable Anchored Moonstone earrings from Featherstone—the tops can be swapped with a gorgeous pair of South Sea baroque pearls for the ultimate June-baby platinum jewelry heirloom!

Because natural pearls form slowly and near-spherical shapes hardly occur in oceanic and freshwater environments (think currents and turbulent predatory interruptions), they are extremely scarce and utterly extraordinary marvels. Cultured pearls, championed by Mikimoto Kokichi of the luxury pearl company Mikimoto, use science and human ingenuity to artificially perfect and speed up the pearl-making process; this has made it possible for everyone to enjoy what was once almost painfully inaccessible.

Platinum Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry - Pearl Bypass and Diamond Briolette Earrings -
You can really see the iridescent sheen on the South Sea pearls in this marvelous platinum Van Clef & Arpels bypass ring from Trafalgar Jewellers. • Diamond briolettes give uniformity, sparkle, and delicate movement to the motley hues present in these pearl earrings via Wayne Smith Jewels.

One of the most famous anecdotes involving a natural pearl of legendary size centered around a bet Cleopatra made with Marc Antony: Cleopatra had been a hostess of epic proportions, throwing lavish parties that lasted throughout the night for the duration of Antony’s visit. He had stated that there could be no greater extravagance, so Cleopatra then wagered that that she could spend 10 million stesterces on one meal (the total value of a small city). When it was time to dine, Antony was brimming with curiosity since the festivities were celebrated no differently than before. Cleopatra, upon being presented with her chalice, then took said pearl from her ear and dropped it within. Once the pearl dissolved, she consumed the drink and undeniably cemented her place as one of the most wealthy, powerful (and cunning) rulers in history.

Fast-forward quite some time, and pearls’ overarching symbolism of prosperity take on additional dimensions like chastity and modesty during the Tudor period (which, because of prolific use, became known as The Pearl Age). In the Victorian era, seed pearls often represented tears or innocence.

Because of their unblemished gentle radiance, they continue to be choice jewels for brides. And, like moonstones, pearls are linked to the heavens…

Platinum Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry - Dreaming Swan Moonstone Pendant and Alexandra Mor Snowflake Earrings -
By Anna Loucah, this award-winning Dreaming Swan pendant truly captures the ethereal quality of moonstone and shows how (satin and polished) platinum plays an integral part in enhancing its magic. • Alexandra Mor also pays stunning tribute to nature with her Snowflake drop earrings, making full use of that desired blue glow… the strength of platinum provides the most secure setting for even the smallest of gemstones.

The Moonstone: A stone of subtlety, secrets and introspection, moonstone’s true beauty becomes apparent only when a light source strikes the surface at a specific angle.

Vintage Luxury Arts and Crafts antique moonstone seed pearl brooch - A. Brandt+Son late-Edwardian moonstone platinum cufflinks
This antique Arts and Crafts moonstone and seed pearl brooch courtesy of Vintage Luxury is reminiscent of a midnight walk in a garden while watching the moon rise from just beyond a vine-covered trellis. Dreamy! • Iconic Deco lines add gravitas to these late-Edwardian moonstone and platinum cufflinks from A. Brandt+Son.

Occurring in colors such as peach, gray and rainbow, the most prized of all is electric blue. The alluring azure flash that waxes and wanes just like the moon—and tides—evokes a kind of mystique that is especially suited for those who seek romance or romantic reconciliation, wisdom, and even safety while journeying.

Platinum Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry - Stars on Star Lawrence Jeffrey Ring -
Stars-on-Star moonstone ring by Lawrence Jeffrey Estate Jewelers is a glorious marriage between a Victorian-era brooch and contemporary, hand-cut moonstone cabochons resting in a platinum setting atop a diamond eternity band.

Moonstones are also said to enhance mental clarity and promote emotional balance in both men and women. Considered a sacred gem in India, it is often given as a wedding gift.

Platinum Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry - Alexandrite Halo Ring and Bacchus Band -
Gemvara makes this handsome platinum Bacchus Band featuring grapes and grapevines carved in relief, set to the front with three vivid Alexandrites. • A classic halo by Rare Earth Jewelry is given a huge color upgrade with a 1.5-carat Alexandrite focal.

The Alexandrite: Finally, the ultra-rare (and relatively new) Alexandrite! Part of the chrysoberyl family, it exhibits an amazing color-change phenomenon due to its unlikely chemical composition of chromium, aluminum, and beryllium. In incandescent light Alexandrite can appear an orangey, brownish-red to purplish-red as opposed to its yellowish, brownish, blue-green hues in fluorescent/daylight. Since they occur so infrequently in nature, many of the Alexandrites available in the market today are synthetics.

Platinum Jewelry for June Birthdays: Pearl, Moonstone, and Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry - Alexandrite Trilogy Ring -
Color-change—the Alexandrite way—in its full glory, thanks to M.S. Rau Antiques’ trilogy ring. Platinum jewelry of legends!

Don’t let that scare you off! On a molecular level, synthetic Alexandrites are identical to their natural counterparts. Said to bestow many of the same passionate and fortunate qualities as moonstone, Alexandrite also encourages those who are highly self-disciplined to have hope and to see things from a more joyful perspective.

Whether you choose pearls, moonstones, or Alexandrites (or all three), set your stones in platinum to multiply your birthday cheer for years to come!


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J.E. Obloy is a writer, philanthropist, and lifelong admirer of fine jewelry. Originally from Guam, she now lives in California. Check out her Instagram for more inspiring jewels!


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