Celebrate Earth Day with Nature-Inspired Vintage Platinum Jewelry

Earth Day:  April 22nd

As of this moment, Earth is the only known astronomical object capable of harboring life. For that reason alone, there is no doubt we owe immense gratitude to the 4.5 billion-year old planet we call home. Earth Day was designed with said appreciation in mind: to increase awareness of how humans have impacted our globe, specifically surrounding environmental issues, and to encourage worldwide environmental protection. There are countless ways to give back to the habitat that has given so much to us—from planting trees to removing litter from our streets—but today I want to shed light on another Earth-friendly (and beautiful) approach: opting for vintage platinum jewelry means reducing your carbon footprint to total harmlessness.  Let’s dedicate this Earth Day to our magical locale, and have some fun along the way with nature-inspired vintage platinum jewelry!


Celebrate Earth Day with Nature-Inspired Vintage Platinum Jewelry - Animal Fauna Platinum Jewelry -

  1. From Craig Evan Small, an incredibly lifelike lizard brooch completely covered in twinkling diamonds. Platinum ensures that even the smallest diamond towards the tail is securely-set.
  2. I love the dramatic length and color to these amphorae earrings via Kentshire. Used to store and transport goods, amphorae were particularly useful for liquids such as wine and water.
  3. Turtles are one of the oldest reptiles, and this Tiffany and Co. brooch courtesy of Wayne Smith Jewels does them fine justice!
  4. Ladybugs frequently symbolize luck and delight so wear this darling Tiffany and Co. ladybug pendant (thanks to M&G Signed Jewelry) whenever you’re in need of a platinum jewelry pick-me-up.
  5. This is such a handsome—and rare—rendering of a German Shepherd! By Black, Starr & Frost and sold by Pierre Famille, it utilizes diamonds, enamel, and platinum to striking effect.

Celebrate Earth Day with Nature-Inspired Vintage Platinum Jewelry - Plant Flora Platinum Jewelry -

  1. Rubies, onyx, and diamonds are skillfully set in platinum to create a brooch that looks very much like a miniature watercolor! An Art Deco masterpiece from Global Gems.
  2. Modeled as leaves, these emerald and diamond ear clips via Rive Gauche Jewelry are a study in great platinum jewelry design—they both show naturalistic movement and elegantly climb up the edge of the ears, adding a tasteful finishing touch to any outfit.
  3. Besides being absolutely stunning, this bouquet-in-a-brooch is proof that platinum perfectly enhances any and all gemstones! A signed LaCloche piece, head on over to Essex Global Trading to bring home flowers that will never fade.
  4. Via Green & Sons Inc.: place glittery little serpent around your finger to keep you company. Great for those who enjoy stake motifs in their platinum jewelry, and even for those who don’t—the overall geometric quality makes this reptile far more approachable.
  5. The refreshing blue in these cabochon sapphire earrings from Fourtané remind me of the sea and sky; two of the most wonderful and life-giving treasures of our watery planet.

Celebrate Earth Day with Nature-Inspired Vintage Platinum Jewelry - Opal Galaxy Ring Platinum Jewelry -

A galaxy within a platinum ring, courtesy of 66mint.

“Consider again that dot [Earth]. That’s here. … That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. … To me, [astronomy] underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”
– Carl Sagan, American astronomer and astrophysicist


Click here to view breathtaking examples of a combination fit for the ages: platinum and diamonds!

→ Feature image courtesy of Oscar Heyman.


J.E. Obloy is a writer, philanthropist, and lifelong admirer of fine jewelry. Originally from Guam, she now lives in California. Check out her Instagram for more inspiring jewels!


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