Platinum Jewelry Finds for February Birthdays: Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry

The stone of spirituality, patience, calm and even sobriety, amethyst has been revered for millennia by royalty and clergy alike. Hailed as the purple gem in virtually every culture, this variety of quartz can skew more reddish on the spectrum or even appear as crystalline lilac (otherwise known as Rose de France amethyst). Furthermore, natural fusions of amethyst and citrine result in a dual-colored violet and gold marvel called ametrine. Pair the most noble of precious metals with the ancient esteem of amethyst, and you have the makings of a platinum jewelry heirloom especially befitting those who celebrate birthdays in February.

Platinum Jewelry Finds for February Birthdays: Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry-Platinum Art Deco Amethyst pendant/
A breathtaking ode to eons past when rulers would have their likenesses carved into amethyst, this Art Deco pendant brooch from Simon Teakle depicts the profile of a maiden with garlands in her hair. Signed ‘A.R. Wild’ for August Rudolf Wild.


Platinum Jewelry Finds for February Birthdays: Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry-Stone: Amethyst and pearl diamond
These amethyst earrings offered by Fourtané date to about 1910 and are each surmounted by a sizeable natural pearl. I love their transparency; platinum jewelry that will highlight your face with a delicate splash of color!

The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that amethysts prevented overindulgence, so it comes as no surprise that the gemstone was a mainstay during social gatherings; goblets, plates, and even utensils were often embedded with amethysts which served not only as a sign of wealth, but an indication of a host who was immensely popular.

Art 1900 Amethyst Platinum Diamond Ring
An incredible carved amethyst ring courtesy of ART 1900, embraced by ribbons of platinum and diamonds.

Logic and dignity are also associated with amethysts, therefore the qualities favored by those who wore them.


Platinum Jewelry Finds for February Birthdays: Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry-Peridot Amethyst Ruby Diamond Platinum
The colors in this vintage platinum ring are wild, but I think they compliment each other wonderfully (and will make such a statement when worn especially amongst a suite of platinum jewelry)!


Platinum Jewelry Finds for February Birthdays: Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry-Art Deco Amethyst
Also from Peter Suchy Jewelers, the shield shape of this amethyst is spectacular! Clocking in at over 17 carats, the diamond elements add length to its silhouette.

Be sure to gift the one you love with the imperial purple of amethysts and the eternal brightness of platinum this February!


J.E. Obloy is a writer, philanthropist, and lifelong admirer of fine jewelry. Originally from Guam, she now lives in California. Check out her Instagram for more inspiring jewels!


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