8 Unique Platinum Jewelry Gifts for Your Favorite Capricorn

Capricorns might be among the most ambitious members of the zodiac. With a reputation for being driven and determined, Capricorns also tend to be very thoughtful. Their birthday is the perfect opportunity to show your thoughtfulness with the perfect gift. Platinum jewelry, with its enduring beauty, is a gift that’s sure to make a Capricorn’s heart beat a little faster. Our recommendations for your favorite Capricorn feature a variety of gemstones that are associated with the sign, from garnets in a rainbow of colors to onyx and ruby. Give the gift one of these pieces of platinum jewelry and you’ll receive unending gratitude in return!

Did you know that not all garnets are red? This ring centers on a rhodolite garnet, which has a raspberry color like the rhododendron flower that gave the stone its name. And jewels with intersecting knotted designs signal eternal affection.

Platinum Jewelry - Basira Ring by Gemvara -
Basira Ring: Gemvara

Pure, understated design means this piece will be a go-to jewel for every day. Grab one of these for your favorite Capricorn before it’s too late— the necklace is from a limited edition of only 150 pieces!

Platinum Jewelry - Round Brilliant-Cut Garnet and Diamond January Birthstone Pendant BY Alexandra Mor -
Round Brilliant-Cut Garnet and Diamond January Birthstone Pendant: Alexandra Mor

Combining minimal lines with a sweet, heart-shaped charm makes these ruby earrings both playful and contemporary.

Platinum Jewelry - Platinum drop earrings with heart-shaped and channel-set rubies By Malcolm Betts -
Platinum drop earrings with heart-shaped and channel-set rubies: Malcolm Betts

The versatility of brooches appeals to a Capricorn’s practical nature. They’re pieces that can accessorize a hairstyle, pin to a jacket’s lapel or adorn an evening dress or shoe. Set with onyx and diamond, this navette-shaped platinum pin will be the finishing touch to more looks than she’ll be able to count.

Platinum Jewelry - Large Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Onyx Brooch by Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry -
Large Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Onyx Brooch: Lang Antique & Estate Jewelry

Capricorns tend to be down-to-earth and would hate to be accused of showing off. But that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a little glamour.  Even with its generous size, the warm, neutral tone of the Hessonite garnet in this cocktail ring is never flashy. Perfect for a Capricorn!

Platinum Jewelry - Hessonite Garnet Diamond Halo Ring by The Three Graces -
Hessonite Garnet Diamond Halo Ring: The Three Graces

According to lore, seahorses share many traits associated with the tenth zodiac sign, including patience, persistence and loyalty.  A platinum brooch in the shape of the whimsical creature is a perfect Capricorn gift, especially when it has a green demantoid garnet for an eye.

Platinum Jewelry - Cartier Seahorse Brooch in Platinum by Beladora -
Cartier Seahorse Brooch in Platinum: Beladora

Capricorns are often considered one of the most conservative signs of the zodiac but they still want jewelry with standout flourishes. Any Capricorn is sure to appreciate the deep-red rubies and graceful arabesque shape of these platinum earrings.

Platinum Jewelry - Trace Leaf Earrings by Gemvara -
Trace Leaf Earrings: Gemvara

Even at nearly a century old, an Art Deco line bracelet with alternating onyx and diamond segments looks totally current. The graphic black and white palette shifts from stark to sparkling and back again, and even with its delicate size is easy to spot at a distance.  

Platinum Jewelry - Art Deco line bracelet of alternating onyx and diamond segments, in platinum by Kentshire -
Art Deco line bracelet of alternating onyx and diamond segments in platinum: Kentshire

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