How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Sasha & James

how we met

James and I met when we were just 18 years old in undergrad at college. We began dating a year after we met. We graduated together and did long distance for three years while he was in law school after that. Four days after James came back home to California from law school, he proposed!

how they asked

James told me we were going to a steakhouse dinner at Monarch Beach for his dad’s birthday. This day happened to be the day before his dad’s birthday, and a Wednesday nonetheless, so I really didn’t think into it too much. We arrived at the beach, where James told me we were taking photos with the entire family before dinner. It was completely empty aside from a sprinkling of rose petals, some candles and two chairs.

At that point, all the feelings and emotions rushed into me and I can’t even remember the exact words he said! James got down on one knee and the rest is history. It was the happiest day of my life and nothing (besides the wedding, of course) will be able to beat that. I get to spend forever with the love of my life!

Why platinum?

For us, there was really no other choice! We chose platinum because I have a nickel allergy and all metals, gold included, are plated with some amount of nickel. James worked with my mom on the ring details and when I finally received the finished product, it was just stunning. It’s just the most gorgeous and perfect ring!

Special thanks 
Candid Proposal | Photographer
Monarch Beach Resort | Planning

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