Platinum Jewelry: Timeless, Trendy, or Both? Jennifer Lawrence Makes Her Style Case with Tiffany & Co.!

Platinum is the accessory of choice for top celebrities that make even the most glamorous moments all the more memorable. A naturally white metal, it is the ideal backdrop for color gemstones to exhibit the purest hue and is particularly suitable for enhancing the icy brilliance of diamonds… as Jennifer Lawrence proves at the film debut of her newest movie, Mother!, draped in iconic Tiffany & Co.


Jennifer Lawrence
While the jewels themselves are unquestionably stunning, let’s give the styles a much closer look—will Jennifer’s red-carpet platinum cast a vote for either timeless or trendy… or are we in for a surprise?


Platinum Soleste Band
The Tiffany Soleste® band ring is a seasoned design champion: because the metal is unchangingly beautiful, strongly holds up to constant wear and graces every gemstone with the securest of settings, platinum eternity rings have been adorning fingers across the globe—for over 100 years and counting!—in celebrations of love, cherished milestones, or simply out of a desire to add a little more daily sparkle. Pile them on or include as a subtle statement with an elegant evening gown, you can bet on seeing this timeless treasure everywhere from your neighbor to the next media mogul for yet another century!


Platinum Jazz Drop Earrings

As we predicted, sizeable ear pendants are IN this season! Tiffany Jazz™ drop earrings have length and movement, coupled with the dazzling power of diamonds made extra noticeable by luminous platinum. The design is a trendy take on the classic studs, keeping the roundness of the former while creating an eye-catching silhouette that is captivatingly current.

Finally, the Tiffany tie-breaker did far less breaking and much more tying! The Cobblestone diamond necklace(not pictured) may evoke reminiscent feelings in some, and more covetous feelings in others… and both have equal merit! With echoes of the classic pearl strand (or a rivière, for any historians out there), the tennis-link design is given an updated cut and color—namely, an appealing below-collarbone length and the snowy gleam of precious platinum. In a single event appearance, Jennifer Lawrence has put to rest the big debate between jewelry styles rendered in the world’s most premier metal: either, or all at once… the only choice is to #beplatinum!


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