Platinum Jewelry Finds for May Birthdays: Emerald Birthstone Jewelry

The word “emerald” derives from the Greek word “smaragdos” meaning “the green stone” or, according to Indian lore, “the green of growing things.” Members of the beryl family, emeralds are the quintessential heralds of spring—a time of natural renewal—with their vibrant, grassy color. Landing on the cooler end of the color spectrum translates to an ideal partnership with eternally gleaming platinum.

Platinum Jewelry Finds for May Birthdays: Emerald Birthstone Jewelry - Cathy Waterman Emerald Ring -
By Cathy Waterman and sold by Fortrove, the varied hues of this emerald are enhanced by graceful prongs carved to depict leaves… and each leaflet is set with multiple sparkling diamonds. #BePlatinum and let the beauty of the flowering season last!
Tamir Platinum Emerald Bracelet
There is something profoundly inspiring about this platinum bracelet by Tamir: the silhouette lends an idea of movement, yet the vivid emeralds could represent either foliage or flowing water. Which motif will you choose? Dare to personalize your story with this remarkable modern heirloom.Touted as a gem of wisdom stemming from enhanced intuition, emeralds are said to promote harmony, vitality, contentment and loyalty.
TheOneILoveNYC Emerald Platinum Ring
This sculptural marvel from The One I Love NYC is a Deco-era dream. Geometry is utilized to full effect, giving a very bold flavor to the traditional toi et moi (“you and me”) design. Suitable for a male or female hand and ready for your wedding, anniversary, or an every day gift to surprise your darling for a lifetime of joy.

A favorite amongst persons of power and influence like Cleopatra (who wore them religiously and claimed all of Egypt’s emerald mines from the Greeks), Julius Caesar (who had his portrait carved into a crystal weighing a hefty 200 carats), and Nero (who famously viewed gladiator battles through emerald lenses in an effort to reduce vision fatigue), top-quality specimens can command premiums far above those of comparable diamonds.

Morelle Davidson Emerald Platinum Ring
A contemporary masterpiece by Morelle Davidson filled to the brim with glimmer! Without emeralds, this ring would have clearly lacked personality and impact; what a brilliant example of the power of quality gemstones, a visionary jeweler, and the reliable strength of durable platinum.


Alexis Kletjian Platinum Emerald Charm Necklace
Alexis Kletjian creates gorgeously customizable platinum charms—engraved by hand with an initial of your choice—to adorn your legacy. The version shown here is brought to life with refreshing emeralds; play up its versatility by first perhaps wearing it as a signature piece then as part of a dazzling layered ensemble.With such elevated history, rarity, and undeniable allure, emerald platinum jewelry is a wardrobe linchpin and an exceptional gift for those born in May.
ED Marshall Jewelers Emerald Platinum Ring
This vintage ring from E.D. Marshall Jewelers spectacularly shows off the beauty of gemstones and metal: the cabochon emeralds are the most coveted color—an almost pure green—and rippling platinum (set with a handful of diamonds) pairs eternal style with reliable durability. Significant and satisfying!

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J.E. Obloy is a writer, philanthropist, and lifelong admirer of fine jewelry. Originally from Guam, she now lives in California. Check out her Instagram for more inspiring jewels!


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