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No Diamonds? No Problem: 15 Non-Diamond Engagement Rings For a Colorful Ever After

Take one look at a bouquet and you’ll know that color not only makes our world interesting, but also enjoyable—this is particularly true in the case of platinum jewelry! Because platinum remains bright white from nugget to engagement ring (and securely holds even the largest of gems with the least amount of metal), it is the perfect canvas to display non-diamond stones so that they glitter and gleam with the purest color payoff. If you gravitate towards a certain hue or the symbolism of your birthstone pulls at the heartstrings, read on to view 15 stunning non-diamond engagement rings ready to inspire you to live and love a vibrant forever!


J.E. Obloy is a writer, philanthropist, and lifelong admirer of fine jewelry. Originally from Guam, she now lives in California. Check out her Instagram for more inspiring jewels!


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