Why I Picked a Platinum Engagement Ring


Not too many people know that I almost got engaged in my early 20s when I was still living in France. The plan then was to reset a family stone, and I remember visiting the jewelers of Place Vendome looking for a ring setting. The process was so much fun even though, at the time, I did not know much about jewelry.

Life happened (as it does) and it turned out that I hadn’t found my true soulmate until some years later. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, I met my love and it was time for the Editor of Engagement 101 Magazine to get a proper engagement ring. It was a very exciting time, but when you are in the engagement ring business, it is also somewhat of a daunting task. At this stage of my Engagement101 career, I had seen tens of thousands of beautiful rings and always selected to feature ones that I believed would inspire and appeal to my very diverse audience.

Now, I had to figure out what I really liked and wanted for myself! James, my fiancé, was kind enough to give me carte blanche to pick a ring. We agreed on two conditions:  (1) the budget and (2) the ring would have to be made of platinum.

While trying on many engagement rings over the course of my 12-year career, I always experienced that platinum was the metal that felt the most luxurious on a finger. The weight reminds me of the heaviness of couture gowns and instinctively of something that will last. I have also always noticed that other metals tend to cast a hue on gemstones, which can pull away from their natural beauty.  James was also adamant that I picked platinum, and shared that, “when we talked about the ring I insisted on Platinum; the way it catches the light and the way it never fades, it’s like a supernatural metal.”

Choosing platinum became a key element of the design and helped me select the New York based designer I would work with, Julie Lamb.  Julie Lamb’s stunning fashion rings, especially her signet style rings and her flexible Freelancer ring, were what convinced me she should be my engagement ring designer. I later learned that she also designs bespoke engagement rings for private customers. Sometimes designers and couples primarily focus on the stone, but the metal is what’s so important and mesmerizing to me, and Julie’s design aesthetics enhance the beauty of the metals she uses.

When Julie and I first began discussing the inspiration for an approach to creating my ring, I knew right away that I wanted a marquise diamond set East-West and for the ring to have details on both sides so that I could wear it two ways. I also wanted the design to include some connection to New York City –my home for over 20 years, and the place where I met my husband-to-be.

Choosing which NYC element to incorporate ended up being quite easy… Julie and I both have a favorite building in Manhattan, the Chrysler Building. We love its Art Deco style, and that its stainless steel top shines from every angle. Platinum would be a great tribute to that element.

“I was thrilled that Severine and James had decided on a platinum ring. I always suggest platinum to my bridal jewelry clients, as it has the strength needed for daily wear. I like the heaviness of platinum and the way it wears. Unlike white gold which has to be rhodium plated to achieve a temporary bright white color, high polished platinum starts off with a mirror finish and burnishes to a softer rich silvery surface. I knew Severine did not want a flashy ring. The architectural styling of her NYC inspired engagement ring definitely lent itself to platinum. I think Severine was shocked at how shiny it was the day she received it, but I knew that this noble metal would soften to a steely glow and perfectly highlight all the details we intended.“ –Julie Lamb, jewelry designer

After going through the sketching, CAD, wax, bench design and manufacturing processes, I can honestly say that the ring looks even better than I could have imagined. James and I are thrilled!

I hope you agree!



Severine Ferrari is the founder of Engagement 101, the first multi-media platform dedicated to couples planning their engagement. Though she resides in New York, her native French sense of style and romance still strongly influences her editorial vision and voice.


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