Sparkle Cut Diamonds Promise the Most Sparkle At The Best Price

New E-Commerce Pure Player Sparkle Cut Diamonds Launches, Promising The Most Sparkle At The Best Price


San Francisco, February 2019 — Meet Sparkle Cut Diamonds, a new diamond brand poised to disrupt the traditional diamond industry by offering consumers what they want above all else — a diamond with optimum sparkle. Pioneering new technology coupled with a direct-to-consumer e-commerce pure play, marks the launch of this exciting new voice in the engagement ring and diamond jewelry category. Sparkle Cut Diamonds is the first brand of its kind in the diamond industry rooted in technology, value, transparency and a consumer-centric business model. The e-commerce platform offers a highly customizable, service-oriented, buying experience for engagement rings and diamond jewelry, featuring an exclusive diamond cut called The Sparkle Cut. The brand promise: a superior diamond at an accessible price.


Sparkle Cut Diamonds

Sparkle Cut Diamonds brings to market a proprietary precision technology typically used in the semiconductor and biotech industries. The exclusive diamond cutting technology yields diamonds with 50%-100% more sparkle when compared to those without it. Sparkle Cut Diamonds optimizes the inner light released within a diamond while ensuring zero impact on the structural integrity of the stone. This is accomplished by utilizing technology at the atomic level to re-direct beams of light, keeping it from escaping through the bottom of the diamond and redirecting it back up through the table, or top, where the light – or sparkle – meets the eye. The properties of the diamond are not modified through the process, only the light performance is greatly enhanced – a brilliant outcome.

The Three S’s

Sparkle Cut Diamonds is challenging the traditional standard in diamond value assessment [the four C’s] and introducing a new value assessment — the three S’s — rooted in attributes most important to consumers: Sparkle, Size and Shape. Traditionally, consumers have been conditioned that they should pay more for diamond attributes not detectable to the naked eye such as color and clarity; Sparkle Cut Diamonds prioritizes the attributes consumers care most about – sparkle and size – enabling them to offer much greater sparkle and more size for the price.

“The launch of Sparkle Cut Diamonds represents a paradigm shift in a very traditional industry,” stated Jo Lawson, Chief Executive Officer of Sparkle Cut Diamonds. Adding, “It’s an exciting time to bring a consumer-centric brand to market, offering a product and service that we know millennial consumers are going to love.” “Our goal from the onset was to give customers access to diamonds with more sparkle and more size for a great price. It’s as simple as that,” added Lawson. “Our launch is focused on round brilliants and platinum is the perfect complement to the classic shape. Our e-commerce shop offers consumers myriad of choices to find their perfect ring,” concluded Lawson.


Personalization is key to the Sparkle Cut Diamonds promise. Not only does Sparkle Cut welcome custom orders, features 1,300 different ring and diamond jewelry combinations across size, setting and metal, with more than 50 styles set in platinum. Also first in the category – a consumer-centric service model – which ensures fully insured deliveries and a 40-day return policy, no questions asked. In addition, customers receive the exact diamond they view and purchase from the site, and all Sparkle Cut Diamonds have a lifetime warranty and are graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or International Gemological Institute (IGI).


About Sparkle Cut Diamonds
Sparkle Cut Diamonds is a revolutionary diamond brand shifting the landscape of how diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry is purchased. Delivering on what customers value the most — the three S’s: Sparkle, Size and Shape — its exclusive proprietary diamond cut delivers a 50% -100% increase in sparkle, made by small but impactful nano-cuts. The first in its category to offer a consumer-centric service model allows Sparkle Cut Diamonds to offer their diamonds at a brilliant value while ensuring transparency throughout the process. Groundbreaking technology, coupled with unparalleled service and robust personalization has positioned Sparkle Cut Diamonds to be one of the most exciting start-ups the diamond industry has seen in decades. Sparkle Cut Diamonds has closed a Series A round of funding to fuel the growth of its direct-to-consumer e-commerce strategy. Sparkle Cut Diamonds can be found exclusively at

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