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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Stefanie and Jordan

Stefanie and Jordan

In 2016, on our first date at a sushi bar in downtown San Diego, Jordan Drake led with: “By the way, I’m in the Navy and deploy for seven months come May.” A little fast for a first date I thought, but little did I know, it was then that he started counting the days until he could ask me to be his wife.

On May 26, 2018, we were headed for what I thought was a military ball. Months prior to that day, Jordan asked me to save the date and pick a formal dress. He’s an officer in the United States Navy and was up for a new billet, so he stressed the importance of going to the ball to network. The day came and we headed out to the Hotel del Coronado around 6 p.m. As we approached the entrance, we saw a sign reading, “Supply Corps Ball—May 26, 2018—Photo Booth” on the beach. Jordan said he wanted to get the pictures over with before entering the ballroom, so we made our way to the beach following a series of signs pointing us in the right direction.

As we walked, I read a row of signs stating, “I realized after 516 days that I knew from day one.” Then I turned around to find Jordan on one knee. I cried and sobbed as he explained to me that on our first date, he knew he would make me his wife and he’s been counting the days since. I said “Yes!” and heard an uproar of screams. I thought, ‘Wow, these strangers are nice,’ and then turned around to see all our family and friends sprinting over to us from behind the rocks.

Stefanie and Jordan

I cried some more as our best friends, parents and families hugged us with so much joy. Jordan recruited a number of our friends to wear disguises, take pictures, film and record on Facebook Live for our family on the East Coast. We snapped a few more pictures as the sun began to set and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate. I asked if everyone would meet us after the ball just to find out…THERE WAS NO BALL! The whole thing was simply for the proposal. He had the signs made, asked permission from the hotel to display them, and got all our friends and family on board months ago. My girlfriends had been at my house just minutes prior to do my hair and makeup and raced over to the beach to catch the proposal in time. I would get to see the behind the scenes videos later. We then made our way into the hotel restaurant, where my fiancé had made dinner reservations for the group. At our candlelit dinner surrounded by loved ones, I realized that my current reality was better than my dreams. I was going to be Mrs. Drake.

Stefanie and Jordan

Special Thanks

PHOTOGRAPHER: Brandon Venturini
PLANNING: George Jamieson


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