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HowTheyAsked Platinum Proposal: Lilian and Fabio

How We Met

Fabio—a top-scoring PhD scholarship student—walked into my office one day to sign some documents I had to process. I remember immediately thinking, ‘How is it fair that someone this good-looking is also so intelligent?’ We rarely crossed paths after that, although my colleagues teased me about the hot Italian eye candy now and again. I was involved in a serious long-term relationship at the time and it all seemed like harmless fun.

That relationship ultimately ended and I met Fabio again one day outside of work more than a year afterward. It turned out he worked in the same lab as a new friend I’d just made; it was all quite serendipitous. What started out as a silly joke became more real than anything I could have ever imagined!

How They Asked

When we travel I typically do most of the planning, but as we arrived to Seville, Spain, Fabio insisted he wanted to visit “a place.” He was quite vague and just mentioned it had a “funny name” and that I’d like it. Although I pointed out that it was out of the way, I eventually relented, sensing he seemed very keen to go. And well, I’m glad to report he was totally right about me loving the place! By all accounts, I’m that crazy cat lady who embraces cat-themed anything—so when we arrived at “Un Gato en Bicicleta” (Cat on a Bicycle), I immediately “squeed” over how adorable everything was! I’m also a keen reader and coffee lover, so this bookshop/cafe was the perfect place for someone like me. I started wandering about as soon as I stepped in, but heard Fabio calling my name. I found him down on his knee, where he popped the question with the ring design he knew I liked.

Lilian and Fabio



Special Thanks

PHOTOGRAPHER: Manuel Garrido

VENUE: Un Gato en Bicicleta


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