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HowHeAsked Platinum Proposal: Kerry & Stephen

How we met:

Kerry and I met on a dating site. At first he didn’t have any profile pictures or even a complete profile, and I was not having it one bit! I told him he had to finish it before we talked more. After he did, I decided it was worth exchanging numbers with him. We began talking, and after a few chats, I invited Kerry over for red beans and rice. When he arrived at my apartment that night, we both smiled instantly.

I remember finishing dinner and grabbing the salad bag out of the fridge. My hands were shaking because I was nervous, and when I opened it, the salad went all over the floor. You could say I turned 50 shades of red, but Kerry—being the sweet and polite gentle soul he is—just giggled and helped me clean it up.

After that night, we continued to date and see each other. Then on July 8, 2013, as we were driving home from my best friend’s house, I asked Kerry if he would be my boyfriend. The song “Bless the Broken Road” by the Rascal Flatts was on the radio, and of course Kerry said “Yes!”



How He Asked

There’s a backstory here. You see, our friends love to celebrate birthdays, and most of the time we plan surprises for one another. My birthday was coming up in January, and that’s when the light bulb went off: At a time when I was supposed to be the surprised one, I was going to flip it around and surprise Kerry—and all our friends—instead!

So I told Kerry I didn’t want a surprise this year. I told him the exact restaurant I wanted to go to with him, then I gave him a list of some of the people I wanted to be there. I called the restaurant and told them my plan—that even though Kerry was going to be calling to make plans for the evening, I was going to take over after dinner. I put together a playlist of songs that meant something to us in our relationship and gave them a few other instructions for the night.

Now to the day of. I was a bottle of nerves from the second I woke up. We got through dinner, presents and my birthday cake, and then my best friend got up to give a speech. In the middle of his speech, I interrupted, the DJ started playing the playlist I’d put together, and I grabbed the mike. I began to thank everyone for coming, and I made my way over to Kerry.

I gave my whole lead-in to the proposal and finally got to the part where I said “there’s only one thing missing in my life, and it’s you with me forever as my partner.” Then I bend down on one knee and pull out the ring box from my suit pocket. Kerry says “Yes,” and then we hear cries, screams, claps and yells from all our friends.

To end our story, I joked by saying, “I crashed your party—I will always have the upper hand.” Then we hugged, kissed and toasted to each other all night.


Why Platinum?

We choose platinum because of how well the metal is supposed to hold up compared with other metals. Kerry works in surgery and needed something to withhold working with abrasive instruments in cold temperatures. I work in retail, and I’m always handling fixtures and other hard metals that could scratch or bend the ring. Lastly, we didn’t want anything with a lot of bling and design. When we came across these rings, they were perfect.



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