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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Kayley and Kyle

Kayley & Kyle
How We Met

Kyle and I met when I was in college almost four summers ago and instantly connected. My roommate and I started throwing Monday night bonfires because she and her coworkers had Mondays off. It was just another Monday evening during summer at the beach when a friend of a friend told us she had someone who might stop by. Shortly after, Kyle walked up on the beach to our bonfire and I had all the heart eyes for him! Within one week, Kyle asked me out on our first date to a country concert (we are both huge country music fans and have continued to go to as many concerts as we can!). It turned out to be a first date we’ll never forget. We quickly became best friends and have been inseparable since!

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How They Asked

For Kyle’s 30th birthday, we planned a trip to Nashville, Tennessee—we’d been wanting to go for years, so we were really looking forward to it. Kyle’s brother and sister-in-law came along and on the second night, they told me they had a birthday surprise planned for Kyle. That night, we left our hotel and saw a beautiful Cinderella-style horse-drawn carriage waiting for us with champagne to take us on a tour around downtown Nashville.

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During the ride, we decided to stop at a famous fountain to take pictures. Kyle wanted me to take a picture in front of the fountain with my back to him. Then I was supposed to jump and turn around. I did just that, but when I jumped around to face Kyle, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I realized it was all for me.

Kyle planned everything to the second he proposed and it was the most special moment ever. We spent the weekend celebrating, dancing and exploring beautiful Nashville, which will now always have a special place in our hearts!

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