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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Kathie and Ethan

Kathie and Ethan
How We Met

He came up on my Facebook “Suggested Friends” list. I never imagined meeting someone on social media, but we had so many mutual friends (and he had beautiful long hair), so I added him! Shortly after, he messaged me on Facebook and we realized I live on the same road he worked on, and we had many similar interests. This was all on a Thursday, and we planned a date for a Saturday. Our first date—which ended up being ten and a half hours long—consisted of lunch, hiking, dinner and plenty of talking. By Sunday, he never left my house! We’ve had countless “coincidences” since the meeting, and two and a half years later, they still keep popping up.

How They Asked

We’d been planning a trip out West for quite some time. Ethan organized the whole vacation, and I was really excited to see everything he’d planned. We were staying with his uncle in LA for one night, then seeing the band Phish at the Forum. We planned to spend two nights in Yosemite camping in the park and then driving up the coast to small campsites or tiny homes we found on Airbnb. As our trip approached, it became evident that forest fires in Yosemite were going to redirect us. Little did I know, this is where Ethan planned to propose. By the time Yosemite closed, he had four days to find a new spot and somewhere to stay! Thankfully, he stumbled upon a beautiful hike in Kings Canyon called Mist Falls. When he went to book a campsite, there was only one site left for the nights we needed. It was absolutely perfect.

The morning we planned to hike was beautiful: clear blue skies, but a haze from the surrounding fires that was almost eerie. When we arrived to this stunning lookout, Ethan decided to set up the tripod that he bought specifically for this trip. He told me he would put on a timer for the photo. The backdrop was perfect, and we were the only ones up there at that moment. After about 10 seconds posing for a picture, he dropped to one knee, and the rest is truly a blur. I was in such shock and complete amazement at everything that was happening.

Kathie and Ethan

He told me afterward that he’d actually taken a video! I was completely amazed that he planned such an incredible proposal. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with a truly astonishing man.

Kathie and Ethan



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