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HowHeAsked Platinum Proposal: Jeremy & Litsa

How we met – his side:

Well, the story begins years before we actually met, starting with the infamous “Hey, we should meet up for a drink sometime” message…when she messaged me on Facebook! I was seeing someone at the time so I told her that if that ever changed, she’d be the first to know. Fast forward a year and a half, I happened to come across that old message and decided to make good on my promise: “How about that drink?” I asked. Much to my dismay, she was now seeing somebody, so she told me the same thing I had told her a year and a half ago.

Finally, two years after our first message and a lot of Instagram creeping later (I thought she had children, turned out she was a nanny!), we both were single. At the time, I was promoting nightclubs as a side gig (not the douchey promoter type…okay, well maybe a little bit). Either way, she asked me what was going on that Friday night, so I pointed her to the best place and followed up with her Saturday to find out if she had a good time. She told me she stayed in because she actually was talking about Saturday night, and she was coming to where I was working that night. I was excited, but at the same time, I knew I would be running around working. I didn’t know how it would work out, but I figured, “Whatever, let’s see how this goes.” She arrived with her friends, I showed them around the club, and I got back to working. Later in the night, her ex-boyfriend showed up, so I swept her away and we talked all night long—and I never did that. She was captivating, innocent and absolutely beautiful. I knew something was special, so I grabbed the photographer. “Take a picture,” I said. I never did that, but this was different. She was different.

We made plans to get coffee the next week. Starbucks was packed, so we grabbed lunch at my favorite eatery from back in college, The University Grille. We both got turkey clubs and we talked for hours and hours until the restaurant closed. Not wanting the day to end, we went to a nightclub and danced all night (I was impressed with her dancing prowess). We’ve been together ever since. And to think it all started on Facebook—thanks, Mark!


How he asked – his side:

Four years later, I was ready. I went and bought the ring, asked her father for his blessing, and booked a trip to Cancun, Mexico. It was on like Donkey Kong. The resort had a professional photographer in the lobby, so I joked with Litsa that we should do it: “It’d be fun…and pretty funny.” A few hours later (and a few more drinks later), I booked it nonchalantly by saying, “It’ll be a good way to remember a great vacation.” The day of the shoot, she asked me, “Do you think this looks good?” I stopped, picked my jaw up off the floor, and proceeded to tell her, “Yeah, that’ll work. You look stunning.” And stunning she was….

I had practiced what I was going to say and even how I was going to kneel to keep my balance. The time had come and I was nervous—so nervous. Unexpected twist: I didn’t know how to get the ring out of my luggage without her seeing while we were both in the hotel room. I couldn’t risk her seeing me getting it out. It’d ruin everything. So I opted to “forget my phone” when we were leaving for the shoot. We got to the elevator and I announced my forgetfulness and proceeded to sprint to the room. Once back in the room, I wasn’t sure if she was waiting or walking back, but I figured I had at least a 15-second head start if she was coming back. I quickly rummaged through the bag, grabbed the box, and then realized…I had no place to put it except the back pocket of my dress pants—so that’s what I did. I thought to myself, “Just have to keep her in front of me. There’s no way I can let her see this huge box protruding from my butt.” Didn’t plan that part, but it was the only way to hold it!

I’m pretty sure this is her thinking, “He better propose, OR ELSE!”

Anyway, I put my game face on….

And we made our way to the beach.

I kept trying to start, but I was overcome with happiness. “Litsa, ever since I met you…” annnd I was crying. Take two: “Litsa, I never could have imagined….” Tears. Third time’s a charm though, so I kissed her…

Took out the ring…

Asked her to marry me…

And she said YES!

We are both extremely excited!


How he asked – her side:

Before we left for Cancun, Jeremy went to dinner with my father. I thought it was kind of strange because they had never gone out together before. When I told people we were going away, everyone immediately asked, “Do you think he is going to propose?” My response was always, “Well, he better, but I can’t get my hopes up!” Then when friends found out that he went to dinner with my dad, they said, “Oh my god! He is totally going to propose! Why else would he go out to dinner with your dad?” Again, as much I was hoping he would finally ask me to marry him, I had to go on vacation with no expectations.

To be honest though, if he didn’t propose on the trip, I was changing my seat on the flight home! But now that I think back, Jeremy did everything to throw me off. He told me we didn’t need to pack any fancy clothes. He said, “Just stuff for the beach and a couple pairs of shorts.” Inside I was screaming, “Are you kidding me? We need nice clothes so you can propose!” (Either way, I may or may not have packed over 30 different outfits… for a week. His checked luggage was my shoes. He packed all his stuff in his carry-on bag. Standard. I had to be prepared for anything!) He threw another curveball when our friend got engaged on vacation right before we left. Jeremy commented, “Who would ever bring a ring on vacation and propose? That’s stupid—way too risky.” My blood started boiling! My hopes were quickly diminishing.

We got to Cancun on a Friday and had fun the first few days. One of the nights we went to dinner, there were fireworks. Immediately I thought, “This is it!” He kept saying, “Watch, watch.” I started getting so excited, but then the finale finished. No proposal.

Days went by and still no ring. It was Wednesday and we were leaving Friday. Disappointed, I called my mom and said, “It’s not happening!” I thought she’d know something, so I tried to get it out of her. Nope. Nothing. Now I knew it wasn’t going to happen and I was upset.

Later that night though, Jeremy booked a photo shoot with the hotel. “Hmmm…” I thought, “Interesting.” Early in the trip we joked about doing it, but now we had liquid courage after a few drinks and thought it’d be fun. (Of course, I saved my best outfit!)

Thursday morning, we went to breakfast and then the beach. He didn’t eat or drink anything at breakfast, which I thought was weird. After a few hours on the beach, Jeremy was feeling sick. He went back to the room and I stayed on the beach—I needed to tan. I was afraid he was going to cancel the shoot, but then he reminded me it was almost time to get ready. ‘Yes, we’re doing it,’ I thought. I was getting excited! I showered, did my hair and makeup, and put on my outfit. I asked Jeremy if I looked good. His eyes said it all.

We left the room, but when we got to the elevator, he said he forgot his phone and ran back. I thought nothing of it. We went downstairs and met the photographer. After a few test photos inside and a few laughs, we headed outside for the shoot. After pictures by the pool, Jeremy abruptly told the photographer, “Time for the beach shoot.” He gets impatient sometimes.

We took some more photos on the beach and Jeremy kept smiling at me. It was a different smile. He was choking up and telling me how much he loved me. The photographer told me to close my eyes and when I opened them, she would take the picture. She said I wouldn’t be squinting from the sun being in my eyes, but at this point, Jeremy was supposed to get on his knee. I opened my eyes and his eyes were getting watery. I thought, “Must be the wind. Or the sun. Or, what’s happening?” Then he was telling me how he never thought he would meet the woman he would want to spend the rest of his life with. At this point, my heart was screaming, but I was still not getting it. He started choking up and crying even more. After some more mushy words, he said he had to ask me something. Right then, he kneeled down, reached in his back pocket, and sent a chill down my spine. My thoughts: “Wait, wait, what is happening?! OH MY GOD, IS THIS HAPPENING?! THIS IS HAPPENING, IT’S HAPPENING!!!!”

He opened the box and I was in awe. I immediately said yes and we kissed. At that point, I’m crying, he’s crying, and the photographer is crying. People nearby are crying. Everyone’s crying. You’re probably crying. It was incredible. I couldn’t believe it! Finally, it happened. It was the most amazing feeling and moment. I have never felt so happy and in love. My best friend asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. After the shoot and after wiping happy tears, Jeremy begged for water and food! Turns out he was just nervous the whole day!

Thinking about it, I still get tears in my eyes because it was just so perfect. Better than I dreamed all of these years. I will always remember that moment.

Why platinum?

Why did I choose platinum? Simple: I needed the best, for the best.


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