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How They Asked Platinum Proposal: Erica and Bishop

How We Met

Erica and I met in a Facebook group called “The Good Vibe.” It’s a group focused on daily postings from its members featuring ONLY positive, uplifting thoughts. Our first date—which is when we first met face to face—was at a restaurant three months after we started talking in the Facebook group. (That’s a photo from our first date above!) Below is a screenshot of our very first interaction with each other back on August 19, 2011.

Erica and Bishop

How They Asked

Our proposal had a particular theme; the theme being that Erica is “my angel.” I’d given up on dating at this point in my life because of one too many bad experiences. But while continuing to pray, continuing to have faith in God, and working on myself, I knew that God would provide what was best for me. Thus, after two years as a single man, working on myself and spending time with God, He allowed Erica and my paths to cross. This is why I consider her my angel: She was the answer to my prayers and a reward for my faith.

Erica and Bishop

That’s why I asked Erica to wear angel wings for a planned photo shoot and advised her that I would have a sign in the photoshoot that read, “I asked God for a girlfriend, He sent me an angel.” I told her it dramatizes what she means to me. But she didn’t know the photo shoot would include an incredible surprise with it!

Erica and Bishop


Special Thanks

PHOTOGRAPHER: Cay Focus Photography

VENUE: Andrea Kae

THE RING: Tiffany Soleste 


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